Am I the only one with Bogarts on a GN?

I think Nick Micale has em also. I believe he has stated that they are extremely lightweight and therefore not suitable for street use.
Hard to see in the pic here, but my white car has a full set of these, rears are 15x10 with 5-1/2" BS.
Hey if you dont mind, will you post a pic of your car on here after you get them on there?? I almost bought a set of these but couldnt afford them from the dealer here.......By the way; how much was your classic stars with lugs and centers?? The guy here wanted $1300 a set!:( :rolleyes:
Bogart's are all build to order. Mine works with 5-1/2" BS since the frame is notched and the wheelwells moved.

Could take a pic and send you direct?
I had 'em on my car but they took a beating driving them on the street. Very deliicate. A buddy now has them on his '98 WS6 and they look great. They are however starting to crack from street use. Great for racing though.
i've got billet force 5 bogarts on my car. bogart did not want me putting the ones in your pic on unless i was only going to trailer the car to the track and race. he said they top out at about a 3200 lb car for street use. Lonnie broke one of his front wheels. I put a few hundred street miles on my car last year with the billet ones. The guy at bogart said the billets will go to about 3600 lbs. for street use. But of course they cost more. There are pics in my sig
I've got the Drag-On Star 2 on mine

If your gonna drive it on the street then you have to get the billet center like kes610 said. But you still have to avoid any kind of pot hole or major bump in the road. The center will not crack or bend but the barrel is lightweight and will crack. I would post pictures of my car but I don't know how.