American Muscle + Blue Cutsey car = Burned Rice


Short Guy
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Jun 18, 2001
    A friend and I were on our way back home from the local 1/8 mile track. He was rolling along in his '96 Impala SS, and I was ahead of him in my new Subaru Impreza WRX.
    Anyway, I'm cruising along, and I notice that my friend pulls over into the right lane kinda quick, and I see two small HID's staring at me. They run up on me, and I pull over to the right lane and let this black Integra GS-R by. The dude had his girlfriend in the car, fart can blasting, doing 85 in heavy traffic. I don't know how they stand that noise all the time.
    So, we cruise along a little longer, and hit a traffic jam. Highway construction. Ends up, Mr. Integra is a few cars ahead of me, and my friend is right behind me. Since we're stopped, I get on the phone and call my buddy. Come to find out, the Integra had been on his rear for a couple of miles while my friend tried to pass some slower traffic in the right lane. The guy was so close his headlights hadn't been visible. Not too smart.
    After inching through the traffic for about 15 minutes, it opens back up. Wide open. Lo and behold, there's the Integra. So, my buddy runs off and does a ricer flyby... in a 3800 pound GM B-body with tires wider than the kid's whole car. I zip past the guy in my bug-eyed wonder.
    Well, the guy pulls into the adjacent lane, and starts charging hard. He tries to take my friend, but gets blocked by another car. I run up on my buddy to prevent the Integra from getting in between us. We pass the car, my buddy nails it, and we're off. I hear the Integra downshift, fart can wailing, as he pulls behind me. I drop to third and run up on my friend. Then I shift back to fifth and let the Integra catch up. As soon as he's about three carlengths back, I drop to fourth and leave him.

    I did that four times to the poor kid. Every time he got close, I just ran off and left him.

    We got off at an exit about two miles past that. Once my friend and I pulled over to the right lane to exit, the Integra just mosied on by. Not even a wave.
Sounds like my friend Chris he always races cars that he knows he cant beat in his GSR its Hilarious. Good Kill bye the way
The other guy...

I was the "other guy" referred to in the email with the 96 Impala SS.

One of the funniest things about the whole situation, was that this kid had his girlfriend in the car with him. When he was riding my ass in heavy traffic, I kept thinking "damn rice boy idiot". So, I get over and let him on. I'm not one to start messing with people in heavy traffic, especially if he has some innocent girl in the car with him.

However, after we hit the construction area, the traffic let up to almost nothing (lots of people were getting off before that area). He was in the left hand lane (no traffic in the right lane), but he was only doing around 60-65. So, that's when I said "It's on!" A few seconds later, my 3600lb Impala is doing the flyby at a pretty good speed. Ahh... gotta love the instant acceleration a big V8 can give at highway speeds.

Anyways, the whole thing was quit hilarious, and i was something we were talking about the rest of the evening.