Warning! Cheaters are among us


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Feb 26, 2023
I never thought this could happen in a forum where car guys try to support and help each other, but … member “stevenpascuzzi” and his “friend“ Kevin officially cheated on me. They told me they had the part I was looking for. I send the money but never received the item. I waited for months now. They didn’t answer my messages anymore since they received my money and wouldn’t give me a tracking number either.

Don’t trust these people, they only want to steal your money!
Yep I among some others fell for that.
It keeps happening.
Always insure your money with PP or some other way of
dealing with these types of scams.
It sucks to hear you got taken advantage of.

Like stated already, if the person trying to sell me parts just joined I pass.

I click on their user name and see all the posts the have on this forum as well as their join date. If they refer me to their butt-budy that has the part , I also pass and report it. Also a Google search of their user name, example "usernameXYZ Turbobuick.com" is an easy way to see if that user name has been brought up.

I hate these assholes that do this stuff.
Sorry to hear this.

Another thing to do is start eating the fee in PayPal and add it in vs family friend to anyone you're not sure about. At least you can go after them through Paypal even though PP sucks at times on this too.