Amp hook-up question


Goin Sideways
Jun 6, 2001
I bought a JVC KD-SH77 which has pre-amp hook-ups for front, rear and subwoofer amps. I use 1 Orion HCCA 225 amp and have all 8 speakers connected in parallel going to this amp. should I just connect to the rear pre-amp leads comming off the stereo or should I connect one front lead and one rear lead off the stereo to the amp?
My old head unit only had 1 set of pre-amp leads so it was easy, it also cranked extreme volume. Right now I have the amp connected to the rear pre-amp stereo leads and it doesn't seem to be as powerful as my old set-up.
86 GN
I would say put it on the front, although most likely it doesn't matter.

If you are just going to use that one set then fade it all the way to the front. Thats probably why it isn't going a loud.
What was the pre-amp voltage on your old radio? What is it on the JVC? The older radio may have had higher pre-amp output voltage.