...and then there was GNX #548

Apr 8, 2002
Respectfully to the 547 that knowingly roam this planet, one has to wonder "..did they REALLY stop at 547?" So, to demistify the glazed look in fellow GN(X)-onians, in the process of being resurrected out of the weeds and shedding the moniker of "barn find" (a yard find, really), attached is the GNX prodigy the day I bought it. Bequeathed to a good home, she is patiently enduring a makeover.....
I call bogus only because the power antenna isn't stuck in the "up" position.;)

Post up some progress pics when you can irregardless.
beautiful ive been patiently saving my $$ i hope i can find one in the next 2-5 years for a decent price..
Maybe a former employee of ASC decide to make a last one using left over parts. If it's a real GNX, but how will the owner prove it?
There is only one that was done by asc this car has all the x components and paper work
Acknowledged or not this car was a blind operation and was born a gn like all others and converted into 548 and is outfitted with all GNX mods