Anothe Boxster goes down


Resident Smart A$$
Friday night I went to the local test and tune at the strip, with only about 200 miles on a rebuilt engine (almost all stock) in my TTA, and having no scantool to tune with, the best I was able to do was a 13.68@103 in true street form (radials and 92 octane)
the night wasn't all that bad since out of 11 runs I only lost on 2 of them and one was a 11 second car.
So Saturday with the car exactley like it was at the strip I was coming home from work and pull up to a red light and low and behold, sitting right next to me is a shinny new red porche boxster with the typical 50ish male driver. I build about 4 pounds of boost and hopes he bites, the light turns and I just sit there spinning looking like an idiot and fortunately he didnt even get on it. Anyways at the next light I sit there at idle and he is next to me again and starts to rev it before the light changes, I start to try and build some boost but I am too late and its green, oh well, at least I have traction, he jumps out on me by about a car and a half and then I finally get the boost in, I only stayed in it till about 60 and nailed the brakes but had already gotten 2 cars on him by then, and there is usually at least one cop sitting at the Denny's about 300ft past the light. The next few lights were uneventful due to traffic but finally we both are out in the open again with no stoplights and I am in front of him doing the speedlimit when I see him coming up pretty quick from behind (I'm doing 50, he must be doing at least 65) so I punched it and was able to match his speed by the time he got even with me and then proceeded to walk away from him all the way to 100. We both slowed down as we were approaching traffic again and he slowly passed me and waved with a Big old smile on his face which I thought was cool as hell, It made my day :D
I like the waving and smiling. Cool.
Normally hate that boxster crowd. I, myself, would rather have the honda.
Yea, the smiling and waving was such a departure from the Mustang crowds "Mustang FlyBye" that I wasn't expecting it and it just made me feel good about the whole event.
Good kill 1badTTA...

Nice to also hear that the guy was cool after checking your tail lights:cool: I don't quite understand the stupid ricer fly bys some guys do after losing:confused: I guess some guys just can't take losing, but they better get used to it!!!:D
the worst is after a "fly-by" and them telling their ricer buddies how he killed me "on the top end" what a bunch of nerds.