another 109 block gone


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May 25, 2001
Had to share, this V6 setting in my storage for many years. I decided to tear it down, and got a surprise.
If this thing could talk.
Note the wear the piston pin has gouged into the cylinder wall.
How long did they drive this? Must have made a lot of noise.
Would like to know what it came in.
Its a 1986 date code, blue paint motor.
Two barrel intake, may have been a blow through turbo car?
I've never seen the entire piston missing?
Any bets on what the crank looks like?
early experimentation with cylinder deactivation :ROFLMAO:

I'd check the rest of the block and magnaflux. if all else good, yes, sleeve it as noted.
I learned a lot from Dickie DiBiasse and his shop (now) Darkhorse. If the pdf attached below, it's a good read how more than 60 years ago, Dickie took a 283 'vette block out to 468 cubes for his altered. Sleeving and block work might make folks eyes open wide but not a big deal to keep an otherwise good 109 block or the late '85 140 block with the 20-bolt pan going. Heck, for anyone, #'s matching or not.

saw after posting, pdf did not attach. I'll email it to you.