Labor Day Specials

Dennis Kirban

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As the title suggests here are some great deals on parts we have. Same directions as before. Refer to the number/letter code associated with the part. Read the description carefully. I don't do photos. I take paypal only. Prices include either UPS shipping or Priority Mail shipping to the basic 49 states.

PA residents have to add 6% sales tax. You best email me direct with your request.
On a side note if you are attending the East Coast Buick Regionals in Cecil, Maryland and want a Spoolfool rear or front fillers you must contact my office and pay for them in advance. I will deliver to the event saving you $50 to$60 in shipping costs. Space is limited in my Tahoe.

Here goes:

9-A I have two used tested good second design GM AC Delco brake bowls 2nd gen has the yellow wording on them. I have had nicer looking ones. These are not bad looking. As a bonus you get one used brake switch with it. Bargain at $49.95 each to your door UPS ground to basic 48 states.

9-B I have a complete 2 volume set int he original blue Buick binders the 1986 chassis repair manual in very nice shape. About 12 inches tall between the 2 volumes. Yours for $129 includes UPS ground shipping to the basic 48 states. Probably basically the same for the 1987 Buick models.

9-C Show quality redone flip down stay down license plate brackets. The ideal method to avoid fuel spillage o n your new rear fillers. Just $28 each includes Priority Mail shipping. I got 8 of them.

9-D Package deal buy 9-B and get one of 9-C for just $20 more you save $8.

9-F I got a real nice original 1986-1987 turbo regal inlet pipe. $39.95 includes UPS shipping to the basic 48 states.

9-G For the 1984-1987 Regal I have 2 of the radio bezels with the wood grain. The price is $32.95 each includes Priority mail.

9-H I have a huge spiral bound copies of various magazine articles on the Turbo Regal from the early 1990s. Well over 100 pages over 1 1/2 inches tall. No t sure how I got them. The price is $42.95 which includes UPS ground to the basic 48 states.

9-J I got a stack of the Source newsletters from the ealry 1990s over 2 inches high! Great source for turbo info at your finger tips. Price is $39.95 includes UPS shipping to the basic 48 states,.

9-L Kirban Grand News from 1988 through 2002 missing just 32 issues out of 168 so you are getting 136 original issues. A total of 14 years worth check out what cars I sold and at what prices and used parts like brand new GNX turbos for $1500 or brand new set of 4 GN wheels for $500 a set. I had skids of them.
Bargain at $75 which includes UPS ground shipping.

9-M Package deal buy 9-J and 9-L both for $`100 you save $14.95.

9-R I have one of Richard Clarks GNX rear end covers oen of the ones he made minus the tab for the GNX suspension in other words perfect for a regular rear cover. Holds more fluid looks cool, and has a drain plug. Brand new. Price is $295 includes UPS to the basic 48 states. Comes with new hardware and magnetic drain plug. I have one of these on my personal white Turbo-T.

9-S I got 3 sets of black powder coated wiper arms. Like new $55 per set includes UPS ground shipping to the basic 48 states. Powder coating holds up far better than paint.

9-T I have 2 sets of the original silver grey wiper arms which would be correct for any T-Type or Turbo-T with the chrome package. The price is just $34.95 per set which includes UPS to the basic 48 states.

9-X Kirban Tips and Trivia Volume 1 and Kirban Tips and Trivia Volume 2 slightly used bargain both for just $30 includes Priority shipping. You are saving over $10

9-Y Steven Dove book Guide to 1978-1987 Facts and Figures long out of print very nice condition just $32 includes Priority shipping.

9-Z I got just 3 left of the ultra rare GNX Carlisle Banners. They are a vertical banner measures 3 foot by 5 foot. Shows angle view of the grille with GNX emblem and the Carlisle logo. The price is $99.95 which includes shipping. I can email you a photo of this banner if need be. I had 20.

9-ZZ Top I have the plug and play harness and antenna lead if you install the later GM 21 pin radio into your Regal which is a 12 pin format. These are the two parts you need. The price is $30 which includes Priority Mail. I got 3 to sell.

9-ZZ For the 1986-1987 Grand National a brand new set of 20 metric worded lug nuts. Ones that say Metric on them are no longer available. These are rare. The price is $72.95 for the set of 20 priority mail included.

Again email me direct do not post your request here as you may lose out to someone who emails me direct. Paypal is method of payment.