Another brave policeman shot and killed here in Virginia

Bruce Urie

The Ventures,CCR forever!
Just want to say that this was very upsetting not only to the whole Virginia State Police and the guy's family, but to me also.......Virginia State Police was conducting a practice raid at the Richmond, Va. Greyhound bus station when a black coward thug pulled a .40 out of his pants and shot to death an innocent Virginia State Policeman.....the State Police returned fire and killed the son of a bitch thug!....this thug had a long, LONG criminal record! This cop was widely respected and greatly loved by the whole community......he had recently pulled over a suspicious car on RT. 64, and the girl in the car acted like nothing was wrong....he had a sense of something wasn't right, checked the trunk and found her dead son cut up in pieces in plastic bags who had been missing for quite some time. While working down in Newport News earlier in his career he saved a poor little dog running amok in traffic.....his demeanor, kindness and thoughtfulness towards everyone made him such a likeable cop. Everyone liked the guy. Very sad.

Everyone around here was so shocked and upset on this brave man's senseless, so coward by that thug! I'm so disgusted by this! And angry.

I just want to say to all the policemen who are members of this forum that to me, you are the most respected and bravest men on the planet.....your job is so damn dangerous that I just can't believe the stress you must face everyday on your job, serving and protecting the public like you pisses me off so bad whenever I see or hear someone criticizing or being vicious, disrespectful of the policemen who are out there everyday......really makes me mad as hell......

You guys, the police, I appreciate so very much the dangerous job you go to hat's off to you, like it was said on a long ago TV cop show: Let's be careful out there. I sure do thank you!

I find it so hard to accept or believe that some coward would gun down an innocent cop! Only in the US, it seems. This policeman was only on a training exercise with the rest of the police force and gets gunned down in cold blood......he leaves a loving wife and two children......just think how they must feel and what they must go through now for the rest of their lives.

This coward thug's gun was bought legally, but by someone else, NOT how would restricting gun purchases for the law abiding citizen keep them out of a coward thug's hands? The thugs don't care about laws at all......only the honest people. Straw purchases are everywhere!

Well, just had to say my piece.....I used to ride along with a cop buddy of mine in Fairfax County, and I loved it....and saw just how challenging and dangerous a cop's job really is......I even wanted to be a cop, too.....but, because I wear hearing aids thanks to the measles at seven years old, I was not accepted......damn, even the military refused my signing up when I was 18. Sorry, getting off subject.

Let's show law enforcement personnel out there the respect and appreciation they all well deserve......My God, what a trying job a cop's job is.

Bruce '87 Grand National