Another GN Poser....

Unless someone's completely installed a WE4 interior (including the dash), that's definitely NOT a GN...oh well
I emailed him and told him what we think of his little clone that he's passing off as a GN. I'll be sure to post what will no doubt be a tart little reply...:p
Am I the only one so up tight that I have a problem with this:

There will be a documentary charge of $50.00 added to reimburse us for the costs related to preparing and processing the legal papers for a vehicle sale.

$50? It's not a Deed! When I bought my car, I went to Office Depot and bought a generic Bill of Sale for about $5, I think. Even that isn't necessary.
Other than that, I love the car. I'm kind of partial to the WE4's, the full gray interior, and I admit, I'd love to have the GN rims on it. At least there's nothing that can't be easily reversed to original. Misleading though, he should make it clear in the description for those that don't know better.
Pulled up the car, it had 11 bids. Hit refresh: 12. Refresh: 13

You guys bidding on it? Come on, the idea was to leave it at 2600 so I could pick it up! LOL! ;)
He emailed me back and made all innocent like he didn't know anything about the car. I edumacated him and told him he needs to clean up the ad so that it's not misleading.....Hmmm, I wonder if he will.......:rolleyes:
I know I'm gonna get heat about this, but here goes!

First and foremost let's not be so picky about whether or not somone makes and honest mistake on how they label their car on ebay! - Most people when looking for something on ebay type = Buick Grand National to search for odds and ends.

Secondly, I don't really post so many messages, but I've been a member for quite a while and I read most all the post and I know that these cars are awesome and I'm in love with my 3 but it seems to me that sometimes our heads get a little to big and full of hot air. Sometimes I get the feeling that some of us (NOT ALL) Think their S**t don't stink and their the best! We do have one of the best cars out their, but certainly not the best!

So, I feel we shouldn't be so quick to think that someone is trying to pull the cover over our eyes by saying its a "Grand National" be proud that they can distinguish the difference and don't give you the ol "Monte Carlo" B.S. The gentleman who posted the vehicle on ebay did make the correction and seem to be enthusiastic about selling his car! Keep in mind its got the LC2 option which makes it a turbo. . .so it's still in the BUICK GRAND NATIONAL FAMILY!

Guys don't think I'm upset, (just venting because of what I read and see all the time) just be proud of what you have and don't let it get the best of you. Walk Proud not Cocky!!!!!!!!
The guy emailed me back and was very nice about it, and made the corrections, so he's ok in my book. :D

However, I have to take issue with being "excused" for misrepresenting the car (whether by accident or not). If you're selling something on Ebay, you have an obligation to know at least the basics of what you're selling so you're not deceiving people who are less knowledgeable. Many people have no scruples and thus no problem with outright lying about their happens ALLLL the time. That's also not an excuse.

Having said that, I agree there is a chance the guy really didn't know what he was doing, but c'mon, the guy is a used car dealer, so he knows the rules of disclosure. He also ran a Carfax on the car, so he also knows a little something about doing research to verify things. He very easily (with one post to this board for instance, or any number of places), could've discovered the car was not a real GN before putting it on Ebay and selling it as such.

I know I for one would never sell my Road Runner as a matching numbers car. I sure could get a lot more for it if I sold it as such, much like GNs are worth more than Turbo Ts or Ttypes. But that's not proper.

IMHO, it's not about being cocky, and it's not about s**t not stinking, it's about taking enough responsibility for what you're publicly selling and publicly claiming to know what it really is.

No offense intended or taken, Samballs. ;)
I myself work at a Chevrolet dealer and have been in the business for 7 years and if you input the vin# in NADA or CARFAX it can't distinguish the difference between a t-type, grand national, or Turbo T so yes. . .it is very easy to make a mistake like that. The only thing Carfax and NADA know is that it's a vin 7 distinguishing Turbo other than that you wouldn't know the difference! That the only reason I posted what I posted so keeping that in mind. . . . . everyone get a little room for error!
No flame intended dhauser ;) ;) ;)
Have a nice Day!

Oh. .. .he did include the vin number on the auction so That's enough representation for (Disclosure) the gentleman did also post some pictures so I don't think he was trying to mislead anyone!
Good job guys. I'm glad Doug e-mailed this man to help him represent his car correctly. I would hate to see a "newbie" buy this car only to learn later on it wasn't a real GN. More than likely, since the seller did make corrections, he just didn't know. This was all done in a very polite manner and this is what "Going fast with class." is all about.:D

IMHO, it's not about being cocky, and it's not about s**t not stinking, it's about taking enough responsibility for what you're publicly selling and publicly claiming to know what it really is.

No offense intended or taken, Samballs. ;) [/B]

Exactly why i posted it, there was an 86 i also posted about a week ago and we learned a brief history on the car and ones giving better descriptions from experiences of looking at the car. to assist us all in not getting taken.

It was posted to show how people are posing a non GN as a GN for extra $$, and i couldnt agree more with the post regarding take 5 minutes to research and they shall see its not a GN or atleast enough of a difference to make someone look further. C'mon if your listing it as a GN they obviously looked at a GN to see its value.... notice the interior is very different? would make me question what i was selling as a seller. Notice no intercooled emblems? would also.... offense was not intended with the post, just knowledge

gn->we4 conversion would take all of

selling the wheels and getting the new ones
taking off the gn badges and putting on chrome bumpers.


oh yea and werent theyre like 1547 or something we4's made? or was that limiteds? i know it was less than 2,000.. wouldnt that make it rarer?

i bet he gets more money for that car than he thought, just because of this thread :)
Do the WE4s have the same header panel as a GN? Not that it would drive the price down on them.
Same header panel as a GN and black bumpers too not chrome. :)

One look at the trunk sticker and you can tell a WE4 from a GN.

WE4 is on it. :D

WE2 is not. ;)

Of course that assumes it's not a cheesy repaint with no trunk sticker removed to hide the fact that it's not a GN. ;)