Another Moostang Kill......


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Sep 24, 2010
Some of you may recall a minor faux pas I made some weeks back involving a pair of late model Mustangs and my son's Honda that I thought I was going to beat up on them with.

Hey, at least I didn't do a reverse burnout.............

Fast forward to today.

We had snow in Phoenix on New Years Day. Not enough to stick in the city, but it sure was pretty on all the mountains around town. It's certainly was unusual, but it did happen.


Well, today, weatherman said " Gonna be sunny today, it will be colder than a well digger's ass, but it's gonna be sunny."

I thought to myself, Friday Light traffic and Holiday Vacation time for many means a real nice time to drive the Buick to work today, so I done did it.

The ride to work was uneventful, work was kinda slow so I was able to escape about 30 minutes early.

I'm heading to Mayo BLVD on 68th Street when Lo-and-Behold, the late model, yellow, 302 BOSS Pony car I referred to in the previous "Kill Section" story I posted makes a right onto the same road headed the same direction. He pulls into the left hand turn lane ahead of me and when the light changes, we head west on Mayo BLVD toward 56th Street. It's a curvy little 2 laner all the way to 56th Street where it widens to 2 lanes east bound for a little more than an 1/8th of a mile, then it narrows back to one lane and curves pretty hard to the right.

As I was cruising along behind this fellow, I called Lou Czarnota, the guy that put my car together, to let him know about the "misfortune" I was experiencing while this fellow drove along in front of me on a two lane road.

As fate would have it, the light changes to red as we approach 56th Street and I end up next to him , noses of each car lined up at the crosswalk line. (me in the right lane, the direction the road curves up ahead, him in the left lane)

It's a really long light so I pondered on speaker phone with Lou and a friend he had in the shop about whether this guy wanted to go.

Cross walk light is flashing 25, 24, 23....... I did a little peddle bump to see if he was interested..... no reaction....

As it counted down I let Lou know go time was approaching........

Light goes green and I just roll out like normal, he does the same.....

Next thing I hear is his engine revving and he gets a fender on me. I mash the accelerator and the next thing Lou hears me say is "Bye" .......

I put 4 car lengths on him in no time and got off the peddle so that I could try to steer my big ol' tuna boat through the rapidly approaching narrowing of the road to one lane again and the curves ahead. Lou and his buddy roared with laughter as they witnessed the kill via phone contact. I hung up with Lou at that point because I knew we had a chance at one more quick little blast before we hit crummy traffic.

He stayed right on my tail until we got to the next light, where we both turned right and headed north to the freeway entrance on the left.... About a 1/4 mile.

He came along side of me on the right and we laid into them again. Another 3 car lengths behind me and he knew he needed to get into my lane to make the left onto the freeway.

It's a double left hand turn on to a freeway on ramp with a control light at the end.

As we waited to make the left (next to each other) he looked pretty mad, then he signaled for me to roll down my right (crank style) window....... When I did, he looked me square in the eye and said
" Man, that son-of-a-bitch runs GOOD!", then he smiled real big and gave me a thumbs up. Surprised the shit out of me.........

I thanked him and told him "That's a real nice car you have there", rolled up my window and watched him fly by me headed west on the 101 as I transitioned onto to the 51 freeway, headed south.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

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That was an epic kill!! Cool you got to follow up with him.

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Great kill.
Mustang. Tastes just like ... Well, you know...;)
Talking on a cell phone while dining on horse meat ! Now that takes a lot of talent ! :wacky: