Another noob tire size question


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I have what will work and look better on stock 15x7 wheels, 225/60-15 or 235-60-15? This will be for all 4 corners, I want the same size all the way around.
if i can only chose between the 2 i would go with the 235-60-15's. damn i cant even imagine putting the small of a tire on the rear of my car. i would be getting tickets all the time.
well, what the largest you can run on the front? I just want all 4 to be the same. It's not all modded like most peoples Gn's, mostly stock. Just has 009's, Reds 93 chip, TA49, Hooker exhaust and a test pipe.

:D I have 225/60/15 on my T Type. I like the lower height and wider tread. The popular tires and rims chart shows the 235/60/15 as stock size replacement. You are somewhat limited to availability in our stock size 215/65/15 tires. :smile:
My vote would be for regular BFG Radial T/A 235/60/15 up front, and BFG Drag Radial 235/60/15 out back, as even with your modest combination, you will have serious traction issues with regular hard as stone radials out back.

Here's the info.

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BFG Radial T/A 235/60/15.
White letter or black letter, they are reversable.


BFG G-Force T/A Drag Radial 235/60/15
Black wall only.
These tires will definitely hook your combo on 93 pump gas, and not look like a race car. They will also behave rather nicely if driven daily.
245/60/15 will fit up front, but they will rub under full lock turns.
Just my O2's worth.