Another TV Cable Adjustment..........


May 29, 2001
A few years ago my tranny started to flare in its shifts. I pulled the tv cable back towards the firewall a few notches and it shifted better. Then, the next summer I had to pull it back a bit more to match the shift firmness. Now, as the car sits, the cable is nearly pulled back as far as it can go. I've been reading up about the tv cable adjustment and it seems that since I've done this it is messing up my fueling since the tps cannot reach it's safe limits at WOT. My tps values have always been a hair low and my 02's are also at the low end (around 750's at WOT). I plan on taking my tranny out this winter for a rebuild and a new torque converter.

Shift points go up to around 5000 rpm at 1-2, and 4800 at the 2-3 shift. My car has been knocking moderately ever since. Did this adjustment have anything to do with my knock? Maybe this question is too vague, but any help would be appreciated.
Im wondering about mine also. Car hesitates on the 1-2 shift. Front end goes down for a sec. Getting some audible knock also. Only mod is a turbotweak 93 chip... Everything else is stock..