Another Vtec discovers the power of the GN



It was last friday night. I was coming home from a party with a couple of friends just cruisin around. All of the sudden a hear this "lawn-mower" noise rise and gradually pass me to stop at the up comming light. As I reached the light I made sure I was parallel with the fart-canned Honda, neck and neck. Of coarse he reved his little engine at me with his girlfriend in the car and I did nothing. Eventually I made sure to keep track of the light sequence and as I saw the opposing light turn yellow and I increased my psi to 3. The light infront of us turned green and I got shot back into my seat as I let go of the break. I noticed that I took the Honda off the line badly and I had to be about 5 car lengths ahead of him. I made sure to show my break lights and I saw his girlfriend very dissapointed and the dude in shock....another person just discovered the power of a grand happens every minute.;)
it really makes me wonder at how guys still have the Fast & Furious Syndrome. Just because it says V-Tech and an 140 speedo doesn't mean is fast. I know there are fast imports, but those are the ones that are stock looking without those annoying stickers, wings, and fart-pipes, rather the money is spent in the right place; the engine. That was a good kill.They hardly notice my car, I guess they believe I pose no threat to them :rolleyes: or my car is not a worthy opponent :mad: If they only knew:D
I love to hear rice kills. The best ones are when they have their women with them. They'll never learn.
I love how they show how dumb they are at the local hang out. They pull into the lot just like on Fast & Furious, fart at us and do the ricer fly by too.

all your fart-pipes are belong to us.
Re: Good kill incubus0209

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Will these RICER kids ever catch on:confused:

Nah. Once you smoke them, they say, "wait 'til I get my turbo, and I'll show you...". :rolleyes:

These "kids" run their mouths about how badass their cars are and they're usually stock with the exception of the huge wing, the big old fart tip, and of course in true ricer form all those damn stickers... It's almost like they think the more stupid sh*t they put on their cars like these body kits and such will make them faster when in actuallity it slows them down and makes their cars look really UGLY:confused: I don't think I'll ever understand it and will just have to continue using the word RICE!!!:p