antifreeze smoke out exhaust


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Feb 25, 2004
i was driving my car and out of no where smoke started pouring out the exhaust and started to miss got home and got out of car and i could smell antifreeze burning from the exhaust is it a head problem or head gasket problem. also should my turbo have any movement up and down or not
More than likely a headgasket said goodbye. Check your oil for coolant. Do not drive the car until you find the problem. If it is blown HG the antifreeze can and will eat bearings. So, drain all the oil if there is evidence of a blown HG. I'm tearing mine down right now for a blown HG and to change heads.

Good luck.;)
Could also be a cracked cylinder head. Pull your spark plugs and you might be able to see which are the problem cylinders before you have to pull a head off. If you have a leakdown gauge this would also help but is not neccesary.
Back in 1984, I had one of the first GN's delivered in St. Louis and the same thing happened to my car. For some reason reason, the lifter galley had a crack and the block had to be replaced plus a head (under warranty though). Not saying you have this problem but just wanted to bring it to your attention.