Any boltologists in here? :)


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May 24, 2001
I sold my motor this week and agreed to leave the front cover and water pump intact. I now need new bolt replacements for the new one. Anyone have these written down somewhere or know where to find them?

-Water pump to front cover
-Front cover to block
-Crank sensor bracket


Check with a guy named Mike Dopkins - he posts in the Parts for Sale section on GNTTYPE.ORG all the time. He has all kinds of bolts, odds and ends, etc for sale. I bought some intake and throttle cable bracket bolts from him not long ago.

I think is email is or
I see. I think that guy owns the parts for sale section there. I was looking to maybe get the sizes and buy some stainless at the hardware store.
All the timing cover fasteners are 5/16" (1/2" hexhead) USS threaded bolts of different lengths. The water pump bolts are 1/4" (7/16" hexhead) USS threaded bolts. Hope this helps some.