Any good audio websites to....


I'm looking to sell my stereo equip. and want to know which sites are good to deal with.... Any help is greatly appreciated..
You can list them here and in "parts for sale". I honestly dont know of another place that would be good except for E-bay because people are always looking for a bargain. Good luck.
Thanks Audio, I'll post them in this section, as they are up on the parts for sale section too.
Another question for you, How difficult is it to remove an after market alarm system from a GN. The alarm has never worked since I had the car and just want to remove it. I took a peak under the dash and just saw a birdsnest of wires, and that was the extent of me trying to remove it. I am alittle questionable about letting someone who is not familiar with GN's take it out, because I finally have gotten rid of all my electrical problems and dont need them to start hacking away. Its a Clifford alarm, dont know if that makes a difference.
Its actually very easy. First disconnect the power to the alarm and disconnect alarm module from harness and start removing (disconnenting) the alarm connections from the car wiring. If you are lucky and had it installed by a proffessional, there will be "Scotch-locks" on the factory wires and all you will really need to do is unplug the male spade connections out of them and leave the Scotch-locks in place. If they cut the factory wires then you will need butt-connectors to secure them back the way they were or you can solder and heat shrink the connections for a stronger/ better connection.

I have stripped dozens of alarms out of vehicles and about 50% of the time it was a hack job from a "so called proffessional shop" May be you will be lucky and not have to reconnect the factory wiring.