any ideas


ok i ran 8.03 with the setup on my signature but thinking of adding 2 more things soon including all four pulleys from rjc racing and alky injection any ideas about that time for the 1/8th. then i was thinking bout those then a 63 turbo and 50 lb injectors with all that any ideas on time both 1/8th and 1/4.

Loose the flowmaster exhaust and you will pickup a couple mph (or run the open cutout). Run race gas and a race chip at the track. Alcohol is for the street.

Your current turbo and injectors should be good for mid to low 7's @ 93 mph.

i ran a 8.3 capped exhaust and overdrive on. i uncapped and it ran 8.03 also manually shifting. no tellingboost but that was with 114 octane too. i dont know if i am just no a good driver because everyones telling me i should run 7.7 with the current mods but i plan for alky and the 4 pulleys from jason at rjc racing. i think maybe you have another idea but i am thinking alky and those pulleys ill run 7.5. but i think it should be faster.