Any interest in trade?


V6 on steroids
I have a 71 Chevelle, has a hot 396 big block, TH350 trans, 12 bolt rear w/posi trac, factory bucket seats, power front disc brakes, power steering, a/c and heater delete, SS hood, SS grille, 3000 stall, shift kit, trans cooler, line lock, headers, dual exhaust, Hurst race shifter....

Both floor pans and trunk pans are original and solid (typical rotted areas), comes with build sheet, paint is 3 years old, interior mostly new (seats could use recovering), runs real good, engine was rebuilt with forged internals and ARP hardware and has less than 500 miles on it.

I love my car but I miss my old Regal and can't have both and don't want a lapse in owning a car...therefore I'm looking to trade for a running/drivable 86-87 T type in good shape. Will trade up or down, depending on what you have.




I'll think about it, is your car the silver one with the torque thrusts?

Also I would consider trade for an 86-87 GN.
Yes, That ones mine... It has a full GN drivetrain, BRF trans, 8.5 posi, GN style interior with GN seats. Drop me a PM we can talk more.

I have a 87 t-type i may be willing to trade straight up for? look at my post under cars for sale, its under 87 t-type for sale or trade, my handle is turbotype87, my brother has posted pics. contact me at if interested.
I have a nice and built 86 T-TYPE that i may trade. It is posted in the cars for sale under 86 T-TYPE for sale or trade check it out. My name is Isaacsarcing. Let me know if yu are interested.
87 t-type

Hi i am the owner of the blue t-type, i am looking to trade the car for a 87 Grand National, or will sell outright. asking $ 8,500.00 alot of mods this car really moves. let me know if interested? PM Me.
I've got a nice 86 GN with 63,000 miles and minor upgrades that I might be interested in trading. It's a blast to drive on the street.

If this interests you, pm me your number and we can talk about it.




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