Any issues with running without AC lines attached

Boston GN

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Probably a silly question, but I wanted to double-check anyway. Any issues if take out the AC lines and leave the compressor? In the 15 years I've owned the car, I've never used the AC, plus it had a leak anyway. I'm taking off the flat bracket to have powder coated and will probably not put the AC lines back in if it's not going to cause any issues.
Just wanted to make sure
Nope you're fine. system won't even try to turn on with no pressure on the switch. The receiver dryer will absorb water, but who cares if you won't be running an ac system.
Being you'll have it all apart and off, why not keep the compressor off too and throw a delete pulley in its place?
The bracket to compressor switch is an easy one too. Just hang on to everything. For roughly about $30 for the cost of an elimination bracket, eliminating the big bulky compressor is worth it. Keeps the same length belt too.
In the same process...

Will remove the compressor, evaporator and condenser while I gather the AC parts.

Will reassemble all off the car and run vaccum just to remove condensation.

Will install a compressor delete but have no idea on how it goes