Any of you guys live in/near Volo, IL?


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Oct 23, 2001
Hey guys, a car dealer in Volo,IL is selling a badass 1967 Chevelle that I am very interested in. Unfortunately it is 850 miles from me so I am hoping to find some one in that area that can check it out. I am looking for possible hidden damage , questionable work or hidden rot(especially under carriage). If any of you can help please PM me, I appreciate it!
I live about a hour from there. I own a 67 chevelle also. The red one? I'm in Mississippi now and traveling home the 23rd. Haven't been there in awhile wouldn't mind having a excuse to go there. My buddy picked up a 90 camaro convertible from there and it's a real nice ride. Haven't heard any bad stories from people who purchased from them.
I will be near there soon too and pick up my GN in Island Lake but Landau Limited sounds like the perfect guy to take a look for you. They usually will haggle with the price so have Landau take pics and you nit pick everything little thing and you might get a great deal on the slow season of car sales.

Buddy has a mint 67 Chevelle 572ci, cool cars, good luck.