any one here into gac r/c cars? need advice


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May 26, 2001
i want to get a gas r/c car and i was wondering who made nice ones. i definetly do not want a monster truck, i do want 4wd and i was hoping to get one that ran 50-65mph. i would like to get a complete car(factory assembled, ready to run with radio)

I really like team Associated.

My T3 (Electric) was fun to put 'on road' tires on and tear up the asphalt. Then I would put on off road tires and go dirt jumping with it....Excellent all around Truck that takes a good beating (Few curbs)

The RC10GT Factory Team RTR is a great all around truck...Nice for an entry level person, or a racer.

BTW....Thats a VERY nice car you sold to Dustin.

i try to keep most of my stuff nice, i am glad that he is happy(my wife and i miss that car, it was nice....oh, it goes good too!)
I've got a AWD Nitro 4tec. Its quick... sounds good... never had any problems. Electric start... ummm... never done any maintenance- Still hauls ass.
Im with Herb.........Team Associated is my favorite. They are the best quality, parts availability, design, etc. that I have owned. Rc cars have been a hobby for 13 years. I think the Rc10GT's are the easiest to build, hop-up, and repair.

I currently have a Associated RC-10 GTs with a OS .15 motor and some mods. My friend "Boost231" had 3 nice Gt's but they were stolen when his house was robbed:mad: :mad: :mad:
i was wanting a rally car style car

do they make these? wha kind of $ are they?
I have an HPI Nitro RS4 2....but never done anythign with it. I bought it used in need of belts/gears. I purchased that, dual exhaust, belt tensioner, undercar leds and never isntalled anything after putting the engine into "storage" mode (used some liquid stuff).

Mine sits real low to the ground and does around 70 I would assume w/ a tuned pipe. That was when my firend had it. It will spin all 4 tires taking off and do 360's w/o a problem! It was neat.

My friend then bought my uncles traxxas tmass that was modifed and wrecked it (dunno what is wrong with it), and the dual exhaust on that baby sounded like a wide open chain saw! :eek: