Any thoughts?


Feb 12, 2007
Curious for your first impressions- Sat. while driving between 70-75 on interstate, suddenly had SES come with corresponding poor running- did not die however noticed Scanmaster only exhibiting "2.1". no data , car was still barely drivable. got off highway into a parking lot. when I shut off , could restart but same poor running and only 2.1 on scanmaster. I felt had probably had some wiring issue going on and scanmaster wasn't getting data. I pulled ECU cover and wiggled main harness connector. When I tried to restart it would only seem to fire as holding key to start. However now Scanmaster is showing data. I didn't install this scanmaster but its been in car since 07. I will research and backtrack connections. Just curious if you had any first impression thoughts? Thanks, Mark Williams​
What you are describing happened to me about a year ago. I was driving along, then car started running very rough, so much black smoke I fumigated the area. When I turned the car off I couldn't restart it. I checked harnesses, ecu etc... As I was looking through my centre console I came across my emissions chip which I forgot I even had. I dropped the chip in as a last resort and the car fired right up and ran perfect. I can't explain what happened but the chip failed. I even tried putting it back in once I was home to make sure it wasn't just bad contacts but car wouldn't start. Maybe I got lucky and it was an easy lucky fix for me. I hope this helps, if not I'm sure some other more knowledgeable member will chime in.

Yeah I am thinking a connection issue as well- or maybe ecu crash- I had not really considered chip but at some point I will if it has not responded upstream before that. I really don't want to get in a shotgun "replace every thing " approach. This car hasn't given me an ounce of problem since Steve V. sorted out a bunch of issues about 3 years ago. I have spoken to him as well. Now all I have to do is get some time to look into the problem. Still I am interested in hearing those thoughts. Thanks guys. Mark