Any tips on a converter install


Wanna-be 10 sec'r
May 25, 2001
Well, I'm about ready to get the pos converter I have in now out (1600 stall), and put a d-5 in its place. I've read the info on gn/t-type (and printed it out). Does anyone have any tips to add, besides these to help me along?? And is it necessary to drop the trans to do this, I've heard mention of it being pushed back, instead??

I just went through a converter swap myself so I might be of some help. I would drop the trans. all the way just to be safe. The reason I say that is because there's a little rubber o-ring at the end of the inlet shaft. If that o-ring is damaged in any way(by sliding the converter on at an angle) it will allow fluid to pass by and the converter won't work correctly. Good luck!

Mike, do a search on that topic. Greg (MeanBuicks) gave a list of things to do including ratchet sizes, ext. sizes, etc.
I recommend tying a length of hose, electrical wire, etc. to the hood hinge or something else that can't be easily damaged and
drop it down the dipstick tube so it can be put back into the
original spot when the transmission is re-installed. Make sure to measure the distance from the face of the block to the converter
side of the flexplate and insure the converter is in the transmission farther than this. If the converter is not fully into the transmission, severe pump, etc. damage could occur if the transmission is forced against the block.