anybody ever get this...?


Too fast?...I think not!
Oct 26, 2002
heres a random one for you...anybody else ever wake up for work or class or whatever and you're all grumpy until you get into the car and get your coffee? i have observed in my own experience that when i leave my house, im always pissy, but after i get my d+d coffee and crank the tunes and hit the freeway, its all good.

just a random thought.
...and you live in NJ:p

Usually it's just the opposite for me. When I hit the road and putt-putt along in gridlock traffic everywhere I go no matter what time it is it seems, I'm about ready to kill someone. Especially whoever is in front of me who has to constantly hit their brakes every 20 feet or so for no apparent reason.:mad:
I usually stick a pinch of mint in my lip and the day always seems to brighten up. Mind you, that's at 5:45 in the morning, so I guess just about anything can make the day brighter at that hour.
Glad I work 2nd shift!
I never could get use to days after doing 12 years on second shift for a defense contractor.

I went to days for 2 years & was ready to KILL when I had to drive in MASS!. stopping for Food & drinking coffee really helped.
I don't know how some of you day people do it.

Thank goodness I worked my way back to 2nd shift.
That has its problems too. As about 4pm I am tired.
I drive to work while day people are rushing home.
I get out of work at 3:30 and my day usually starts to brighten up about 3:31 for the RIDE HOME. Who gets happier when they get on the road to GO TO WORK?

If I got to start up my GN and here the grumble of the exhaust for my ride to work that would be a different story.

I had a similar experience myself. One day I found myself weaving in and out of traffic in my vette at 80 mph. I learned to slow down and let life go by when I got a van with a honking stereo system....I recorded my favorite music and brought my tunes along. The 45 minute drive to and from work became a joy....You might try something that you can enjoy while commuting...Just make sure its legal and does not threaten other people's freedom. ;)
but after i get my d+d coffee and crank the tunes and hit the freeway, its all good.

I totally agree. A nice big cup of d&d coffee in the morning definately helps make my hour commute a little more bearable :)