Anybody running a batbrake on a 90% street car?


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I am looking into a transbrake.... one like the bat brake. I want to find out who uses them... what they like... or dislike... and would it be fine in a primarily street car. I drive mine to work 3-5 days a week now (so I do have a backup Chevy P/U to drive). I have been to the local 1/8 mile track like 5 times in the past couple of months. I started out bone stock.. and have slowly been adding stuff. (see sig for current mods). At some point I want to be high 10's to low 11's on pump gas and alky... with the 2004R.... and still drive it to work. I know that is asking alot.... but I can drive the truck if something tears up..... anyhow.... to go this fast... I need to really be able to launch this thing.... currently.. this is what I do....

1. prestage after a good burnout....
2. build about 2-3 lbs boost... ease off the brake.. and into the stage lights... then back on the brakes real hard..... here is the problem.... if I build anymore than 3 lbs or so... I can't release the brakes.. to get into the stage beams... it just pushes through the lights.... I have to be ready when I ease into the stage beams... cause the lights are coming down really quick.....which brings me back to the transbrake. I see some really fast turbo cars (one of which has the track record at 4.24 seconds in the 1/8 @ like 170 mph :eek: )... prestage.... go to the floor on the transbrake... have their boost controller.. set for their launch boost.... and bump the release on the the transbrake for a split second... allowing the car to hop into the stage beams.... then when they release the transbrake... the car leaves and resumes whatever boost the controller was set on for the run....

I have left on 10-12 lbs.. but it required me to ease into the stage lights and floor it both the brakes and gas... and wait on the green... or in my case... the green has to wait on me.... :biggrin: ... but 1.7 second reaction times is not condusive to me winning any races.. even against vehicles.. that are much slower than I am.... :mad:

This breings me back to the transbrake on a street car.... who is doing it... and what are the pros/cons?
I have a brake on my street car. No problems at all. It only works when the trans is in 1st gear. When the car is in d or od you do not know it's even there.

Transbrakes rule!
I have a problem pushing through the lights too when attempting to roll in to the stage. To help remedy the problem, I stage first. It gives me time to start building boost while I am waiting for the other guy.
justabuickv6 said:
I have a problem pushing through the lights too when attempting to roll in to the stage. To help remedy the problem, I stage first. It gives me time to start building boost while I am waiting for the other guy.

I tried to do that... but it is hard to manage... timing when the other person is going to come into the lights.... I really don't want to be loaded up at full tilt.... without turning it loose a couple seconds later.... builds a tremendous amount of heat in the tranny....which is probably one of the leading causes of tranny failure in hot rod street cars. (race cars probably break more hard parts... than burn up clutches)
I've had the stage right brake for a year with no problems. Street driving is no different , no more creeping through the lights, and wheels up launches every time.
I talked to Eddie Brewer today and among other things... I quized him about a tranny brake.... he said he had been running a stage rite (sp?) style of brake for years.... probably 350 passes.... one of the cars was a totally stock tranny. His opinion was that for moderate power levels... the stage rite style would be fine. He said it sure wouldn't hurt to go with the billet parts... but probably not totally necessary until you get fast. I am looking at low 11's maybe high 10's as my current goal.... so I might consider this cheaper alternative... until I get faster than that.

I highly respect what he tells me because his dedication and experience (including really impressive timeslips) speak for itself.
I have one in my daily driver, works great and i dont ever use it because i dont leave on boost :biggrin:
Did you call DC tech?
Ed is a real good guy, wouldnt point you in the wrong direction...

The only con to the stage right trans brake is.... dont apply it while your driving, and if you have a floor shifted car, dont put your hand on top of the shifter, cause if you launch hard, it will throw the shifter back into 1 and you will stop again.

Next time you talk to Ed, you need to ask him about his reverse burnout at the track a few years ago :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: LOL
Not to hijack your thread Blazer406 but I was looking in to a trans brake as well. What is the cost of a stage-right, bat-brake, TCI as well as any other trans brake on the market?

The cheapest is going to be the stage right.... bar none. As far as electric brakes go, TCI has been buying Bat Brakes from me. Chris makes one and Lonnie has a design too. McClay, I think is still making one too. As far as cost, all are about the same and you get what you pay for.