Anybody see "Food Tech" where a guy jerks a pig off??


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May 25, 2001
Holy cow, did anyone here see this episode?? I was bored watching TV yesterday and I saw food tech on Discovery or The Learning Channel. They were talking about breakfast foods and where it all comes from. Like, baking soda is mined, how pork is processed for bacon, how oranges are harvested and made into orange juice. The best part of all is the interview with the hog farmer. This farucker jacked a pig off (on TV!) They don't show his hand or arm but you can tell what he is doing. The pig dumped about a pint load!!! hahahaha!!!! That hog has the best job I lost all respect for the farmer when I saw him doing that. Seems kinda gay. I'm confused now...
Bacon = null and void anything a pig has done in the past and anything anyone does to a pig.
I got an email saved somewhere of a woman "exhausting" a horse...

The things people will do for cocaine :rolleyes:
this thread has been a major disapointment!


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It's like when fingering that fat girl back in high school. No big deal.
It's different if the fat girl turns out to be a guy - and you jerk him off.