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Want my GN to go 11's one day
Ok had a code 42 and led to a "replace ECM" then to a "replace ign control module" did all of that code 42 gone now but, at about 3200 rpm car is "running out of rpms" almost like a bad trans or something I have played with various adjustments with TV cable was wondering what elese to go on? Thanks
Went thru all this on my 87. Turns out my negative battery cable was a problem internally and would cut out, buck and surge at a certain rpm and sometimes a certain boost. Bubbled my ignition module, made the ecm so hot I could not touch it. After swapping ecm's it actually gave me a code 42 and I went thru checking all that and finally found it accidentally when I touched the cable down by the passenger header. Car stumbled in the garage and finally fixed it. Everything checked out fine with multimeter in everytest I could do on it. Are you running out of fuel or is it doing kind of like mine where fuel would stay steady at the boost level it was at? That is one that kept me perplexed for a while.
Good luck.
You are describing almost just what Ive been doing and yes fuel press is good at boost, will have to try with a new neg cable cant hurt if it doest fix it just one more new part. Thanks
Anything I can do to help, no problem. I chased mine for 2 years and 7 months. Found a few little things but only bought what I knew it needed. I had other parts for another project that I tried but actual money spent to fix it was the battery cable from Auto Zoo. A monster of a cable. Pretty much a 00 size cable. Been running strong ever since and tuning it as I drive it to get it back to where it was before this problem started. :)