Anyone been thru this? buying a car from Canada?

I looked into it, there are brokers that do nothing but deal with importing vehicles. It seemed to be the easiest/best option from what I had found. Never went through with it, so it stopped after my research.
Just did it. I met the seller at the u.s. border. Some paperwork had to be taken care of. Other than that it was stupid easy.

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Bit of advice not sure what make model year vehicle you are considering but make sure it has the proper VIN stickers as that can be an issue registering the car depending on the state you live in.
Went through this last year. Meeting the seller State side is the easiest, however that is not always practicable. I live on an island so I went with one company that handled the brokerage and transporting. They took care of all the required paperwork. I did have to pay a border fee of 1% of the purchase price. You should also look into what is needed to get it registered as it can differ State to State. Here is what I needed to get it registered in my State:

1. Copy of 'Personal Property Registry Search Results Report' to prove there are no liens recorded on the vehicle
2. Copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate (in Canada)
4. Bill of sale
5. Bill of Lading
6. Insurance

There are a few extra steps involved but the process is not that bad especially if you live in the lower 48. In my case the car needed to be shipped across the ocean and there were not many companies that could handle the logistics and paperwork as one package. I literally spoke to nearly a dozen companies before I found one that said they were willing to take the job but that's another story. Lol.
Great information im also looking to buy a Buick that is origanaly from the states nothing was removed all the smog stickers and and vin# rop tag are in its original place,

Any body recomend a brokage company for the paperwork and transportation from washington to California? ??

The seller said he would cross the Buick from canada to meet me in washington !!