Anyone care to take a look at a Powerlogger file for me

Thanks for the help.

They are Postons headers. The reason I use the Remflex, is because for years, I was having issues trying to get the headers to seal, and then heard about the Remflex gaskets. Bingo they did the trick. I have been using them for a bunch of years now, with no issues.

Cam sensor cap is stock. I can try unhooking it, but it's a completely different sensor and cap.

Car runs fine under low boost, but once it begins to build, that's when the issue happens. I'm going to go over the wiring again. It has to be some sort of electrical glitch, because it just came out of nowhere one day. Car used to run fine up until then.
Ok, I managed to fix the issue.
Basically went over everything again, checking and re-did any electrical splices I had made in the past, pulled apart any connectors, checked pins and lugs, pulled all the fuse panels, cleaned all the terminals, pulled ECM, checked all pins and wiring harness connectors, pulled chip, Powerlogger strip, re-did all misc in car electrical grounds. checked/tested all added relays. Even threw in a new fuel filter lol. Nothing stood out as being the obvious culprit, but I'm pretty sure it was an electrical gremlin.
Car runs fabulous once again! Yay