Anyone Ever Heard Of This!!!!


boost junky
Sep 11, 2005
I went to change plugs the other day and I ran across something I never seen before,When I put these plugs in I gapped them to .035 and when I went to change them the other day all looked normal.With the exception of the plug nearest to the fire wall on the driverside when I pulled it the gap was almost completely closed,I couldnt even get a guage in there to measure it,I have never seen this before?? how does a spark plug loose its gap? any thoughts would be appreciated.Thanks in advance...
happened on my 66 GTO - we assumed some carbon build up or something was hitting it shut, I jsut checked it again in a week or two and(if memory serves me) after that next time of regapping it never messed up again.
DMan said:
you bumped the ground electrode when you last installed it..

That would be my vote. It doesn't have to be a very hard lick to close the gap.

I would think these turbo cars with big dish pistons..... would be a mile away from the plug at top dead center.
I currently have the heads off and I cant see where the piston would have hit the plug, but I am very careful when I put plugs in for that very reason. oh well sounds like a possibility Ill roll with it.BTW there is no carbon on the pistons they are all very clean.Thanks to who replied...
DMan said:
you bumped the ground electrode when you last installed it..
I agree. One of my friends used to work on cars daily and about once a year a car would come in for a misfire problem after an owner performed a tune up. The problem was usually a closed gap so there was no spark at all. LOL :biggrin:
that may have been my case as well, it was just odd that it was the same plug every time that I checked until it stopped(I would pull all 8 every time and there was plenty of room not to smash the electrode going in :) yay 60s cars)