Anyone in MA know this car??

Dave C

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Feb 15, 2003
I have a deposit on this car - anyone know anything about it?

1987 Turbo T (WHITE), moon roof, pretty clean car, recent paint, no rust on body, a little spot on the floorpan behind the driver's frame rail, 3" single exhaust with test pipe. 136k on the body and alledgedly the engine and trans were rebuilt. The engine looks clean enough to be fresh, and the trans shifts so hard it's borderline concerning - nice under full acceleration, sideways during the 1-2 upshift, car is very fast. The gray interior needs a headliner badly, it has power GN front seats, and the back seats need to be recovered. The seller took the car in on trade towards a built up Monte SS and has no paperwork on the work that was done. The option sticker is missing on the trunk as well (sigh)... asking price is $8k it's located in Peabody, MA


Any info on this car would be appreciated! I'm a 47 yr old Mopar guy and I'm new to the Buick scene and consider myself a novice. I had one years ago but never mod'd it up.

Thanks very much, feel free to email me directly at, or call me directly at 617.513.7407

Pics below:

I havent seen it around here .. where was it before Peabody ?? option sticker missing ...decklid replaced ???
Thanks for the reply Dan - I'm not sure where the car came from, I'm going to do a carfax on it... the trunk was painted I believe, could've been replaced. All these cars are much newer than the ones I'm used to... I was hoping someone would recognize it.

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