Anyone interested in a shortblock and misc hotair parts?

cool 84

Got hotair?
I know this isn't the parts for sale section but it's mostly hotair parts. Most are used. Here's what I have:
1 Polished rods

2 .030 TRW forged pistons & pins

3 Polished 10/10 crank might need to go 20.

4 Two steel shim headgaskets in the wrapper

5 Stock heads

6 KB 2.5" DP. It's in pretty rough shape, real cheap

7 87 adj. wastegate low miles

8 Ported stock elbow

9 stock rockerarm assys.

Matt hang on to those pistons, i'll be needing a set for spare engine. By the way i found aour when i went to pamona that those light are made of metal so you probably could trim them to fit around the cooler. Talk to you later
steel shim

Hit me with a price on the head gaskets. My e-mail is listed. Thanks