Anyone know anything about a crank with casting number 877 on it? Long..sorry


May 27, 2001
I had the oil pan off today doing the rear main seal and noticed that the engine was clean enough to eat off of.....well the inside of it anyway:D I also noticed that the rods and rod caps had been marked by punch imprints telling me that the engine has been rebuilt.....and from the looks of it, recently. Anyway I said....crap I hope they kept the original crank so I looked at the casting number and came up with 877. Did a search on here and all I come up with is 229.....please tell me I still have a good crank. Also the guy I bought the car from said it had 138,000 miles on it but there is no way this engine has that many miles and be that clean. He also said they replaced the heads with new ones at 100, guess would be that they also did a short block rebuild at the same time....hmmmm:D
Casting numbers do not determine if it is a rolled fillet turbo crank or not. The 877 can be a turbo crank as I have one.
Remove a rod cap.. that will answer all... The bearings if they say STD means its a stock crank, and the fillets will be rolled. If the bearings say .010 or .020 then its been cut.

lastly I have seen motors at 150K you could eat off of internally..becuase of frequent good quality oil changes.

229 and 877 are the castings used for our motors, tho you will find 877 non rolled NA cranks, and 877 rolled turbo cranks.

Thanks guys. Nope this engine has been rebuilt..has the numbers stamped on the rods and rod caps to indicate what cylinder they go in. I've never seen that from the factory only after a rebuild. I'll have to remove a cap to see if it has the correct crank and if it has been cut. Thanks for the info guys;)
I had read that post the day I discovered the 877 number and thought I would be ok seeing as my car will probably never be a 10 second car:eek: :D So I am not really worried. Thanks