Anyone looking for one fo these?


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Oct 23, 2001
hey guys. i bought this new years ago wehn metco was making them. I had an idea but I neevr went through with it. it is brand new , never used. those are cob webs you see :) I dont think Metco sells them anymore?

give me an offer.



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I THINK 5 gallons>?>??? it has a #10 thread on the bottom (they designed it for race gas. you would have the reg gas tank fior the street and this sneaky one in the trunk for race gas. so you would jsut need a reducer fitting if you are to use alky. I am almost pos I paid $275 for this thing. they only made so much and sold them. If anyone has one please confirm the price.

i know razor had just recently sold one. i think its a 6 gallon tank.