Anyone using a TE-61 here or have feedback?


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What combo are you running with it and how do you like it? Bob Armstrong is the only one near me running it. I think he went 10.84 with it a little while back but I never got back with him to see. I guess mainly talking about an LT-61.
What was his combo (inj./pumps/weight/stall/boost level)? Little bird says a brand new LT-61 will be at the door real soon!
I cant remember, but his car was featured several years ago in Turbo magazine. Local Florida car. Ill try to find the issue. hes since sold the car and weve lost contact.

Cal built the car and just today we were arguing about what heads the car had.
Limit Engineering te-61 w/pte exhaust housing, 3200 rpm stall top-hat converter, walbro 340M, stock heads, CPP competition shortblock, CPP spec 206 cam, full weight car (glass hood) ~3675lbs with me in it, etc....

Consistent 11.7's@115.5 w/mid 1.6 sixty foots in "safe" tune mode: 19lbs of boost, street chip, 28-10.5" slicks, 100 octane homebrew in the tank & launching at 10lbs of boost.

Doug C.
All most the same set up as dconner, ported iron heads, same cam, about 200#'s lighter, 23-24# boost, 55# inj w/mf, best ET 10.75, best MPH 127, on 116 sunoco. Dean
Not to steal your post but would a 3000 9/11 lock up be enough to run a 61 street and strip?
3K is borderline low IMHO. Thats what I have and just driving around, it doesnt flash high enuf. But it WILL brake stall to 3300-3500 which will bring up boost.
A friend went 11.24 with a TE61, PTE frontmount, stock heads, 206 cam, and a loose Art Carr 9" (think it was 35 or 3600 rpms). Instant spool with that converter but you almost couldn't hear the rpms change on the shifts. Forget what injectors and pump but they were "enough". This was with ET Streets, boxed lower control arms, air bags, no front sway bar, and RA108 or 110 chip and very good gas.

As far as I know the PTE54 is a TE61 with the PTE exhaust housing, so you can look at all the recent discussion of what stall a 54 needs. Two friends have 54's with AC 3000 stall converters and they spool very well. I just went from a 12" 2800 stall which wasn't enough for my 54 to a Yank 3000 but it's not broken in yet so I don't know how good it will be.
If i was to buy a 61 or a 54 id get a 61. Just because its a JC unit. You could opt for the big shaft which i dont know if its standard with this unit and get the PTE housing on it.All this would make it a very nice unit. Not to take anything away from the 54, but the big shaft turbo is more durable if optioned this way.
I've got a TA61 (Garrett .63) on my WE4. Just switched to a 2800 12" only 'cause my stocker toasted it's bearings, but even with the stocker, it wasn't too bad spool-wise. Haven't got any road time with the 2800, so no opinions there. Am putting on a PTE .85 to try, so I hope it's about as good as it was with the stock D5 (welded headers, too, as the stockers leak like a seive!)!
Whoo hoo, I can actually add to a thread!

I just put on my CPT-65 2 weeks ago. It is a 61 MM compressor in a large (TS04?) housing, with a P-trim exhaust. I was running the stock converter. Spool up with the stock converter SUCKS.
I did run a Turbo-II RX-7 that runs 12.8s. I was at 18 psig and he left me on the launch, but got him at about 1000 feet and beat him by 2-3 cars. This was on the street, so the #s might be a little off. With the stock converter, you do not have to worry about traction off the line. The slow spool takes care of that.
I did have a chance to run it at 25 psig before the trans blew. On the street, it was scary fast. Easily the fastest thig I have EVER driven. At the 1/8 mile drags, I turned an 8.7@85. Not impressive, I know. But it was charging like a mad man at the finish line. I ran a Typhoon that ran 80 MPH, which for him is 102 in the 1/4, and I was about to pas him at the 1/8 finish like he was on the brakes.
Good turbo IMO. ERIC.:)
Does anyone else have feedback on this turbo? I'm looking to upgrade from my TA-49 and not happy with what I hear about the 50 series. I hear nothing but good things about JC.