Anyone with Kidney Damage?

I am going to have surgery this week to have a port put in my arm for dialysis. I was curious if anyone else has had this done here and any idea of problems with it. I have also been told it constantly pulsates which I might find annoying. Any info you guys have is helpful. I will be reading from my phone so I may not be back for a bit but I will check back. Thanks, Justin.
Haven had to do dialysis yet, been runnin on one kidney working at 60% for the last five years though with now problems so far.
Sorry to hear they are going to put in that stint Justin, my mother said the pulsating become normal after a while. She never had any problems with it.. Even after the donation, they left that thing in her arm:confused:. Now, they say it's clotted up, looks like a golf ball in the bend of her arm.

How often are you going to have to get dialysis?
I hate to hear that Justin and hope everything goes well.. Please keep us all posted..

Scot W.
My wife was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis (kidney disease) when she was 15 yrs old.
She was on dialysis, then got a kidney transplant in '00 Still has it. She also still has the port in her left arm.

Good luck to you in the future.
My daugther was born with renal vien thrombosis, the second case ever in the state of Virginia. She has 30% operation on her left kidney, the right is fine.

You'll be alright, buddy, just hang in there. The inconvenience you'll be experiencing will be bothersome, but it's better than getting worse. You'll have to trust today's modern doctors and medicine.....I feel for you, and will send prayers your way, but you should do alright, my friend. Just stay positive and realize that it could be worse. I know all of this sounds like cliche but it's's words from someone who cares about you and wishes you well.....and really, sometimes at a loss for words.....but I'm here for you anyway. Just remember that. We ALL care about you on this forum, just ask anyone.

Just remember, we are all pulling for you, Justin. You're a good guy.:smile:

Tell your doctor that I'd be GLAD to assist in your operation....I have a nice set of tools here for any occasion.....just let me know....Torque wrench?.....forcepts?.....sockets?.......lots of combination wrenches?......nice set of Starrett michrometers?....breaker bars?......screwdrivers?.....anything you need for your operation, you let me know and I'll drive out there, throw on my "operating gloves" (Craftsman) and I'll assist away!!!!!! OK???

Bruce '87 Grand National