Artist of the Week: Jackie Evancho


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Oct 24, 2006
Artist of the Week: Jackie Evancho

Some more info about the little Superstar:

Sony/Columbia records has applied to the RIAA for Platinum Certification for Jackie's CD "O Holy Night" this will make her the youngest artist ever to have achived this award. Also it will be the first time any artist has risen to the top in the shortest amount of time, her CD was released less than 3 weeks ago. :smile:

Jackie will be singing at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on Thursday 9 Dec.

I knew some of you would enjoy knowing this and i just wanted to share some more of her good fortune and experiences with you all.


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This girl has an amazing gift. I don't watch America's Got Talent, but I heard everyone talking about her so I caught a few of her appearances. I got chills hearing her sing. Then the show ended, and I moved on.
..... C'mon Son, its getting a little creepy :rolleyes:


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