Astro roof


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Feb 28, 2009
Hey guy grim said to ask hear on the value of an Astro roof I have its the hole thing I unplugged it from the car and unbolted the hole carage glass motor and all it works no problems with it. I'm going to put it up for sale or trade and need to know what you guys think it's worth haven't seen one for sale in a long time . Thanks
I sold one about 4 years ago-- only got $200 for it, and I had it for a long time. Not much demand and unless the person can pick it up it takes freight to ship it. the guy who bought mine paid $150 for truck freight.
Ya seams like that's what most people are saying problem I think I paid that much for the seals in it. I may just keep it and try to put it in one of my other cars thought about putting it in my firebird once but don't know if the shape of the roof would work .The reason I want to sell some stuff is so I can get a set of twin turbo headers .
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