ATR dual stage stainless steel headers


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I bought this for an 85 hot air rear mounted turbo, they sent one for the 86/87 front mounted turbo then went out of business. OK so I am stuck with them ha, ha, very funny :rolleyes: It is the entire setup, headers, crossover, bolts, everything is brand new/never been on a car. I am looking to sell them to buy a MAFTPRO system or will trade for hmm lets see....

razor alky kit
maftpro kit
turbo link setup

Paypal is also an option, I will consider any reasonable price, concider what I want to trade for......
Ok, update, at the moment these headers are spoken for, in answer to previous questions yes they are complete, even still have the ATR instructions......should things not work out I will be in touch with the next in line....Thanks all for your replies, special nod to DCVING 6 for being so understanding
Headers SOLD To me, im going to pick the up on Saturday. tenright is the man and a STAND UP GUY, looking forward to meeting a fellow GN driver.
Driver might be a bit of a stretch, been on jack stands since I bought it and will probably stay that way till mid summer. But hell after I do the Alky, new rear gears, 45a turbo, and put the thing back together.....might want to see who's faster :cool:
jspeak it says right in the post to make an offer, not to mention I had several PM's before you posted, Fatty did both PM'd and posted, in fact he damn near filled my inbox lol.....Fatty was 2nd you were third. If you read the posts he says "I PM'd you" .....BTW I am not a business man I am a Network Engineer. I just happened to get screwed by ATR on these, they sent me the wrong ones and then went out of business.....This aint ebay buddy, the goal of this board is to help other GN fans with they're cars. Sorry if your dissapointed, but you were not first. The PM's hit my mailbox before your post notification did.......I am sorry your upset about it but you were not 1st and I don't appreciate your comments.
J Speak said:
Good job tenright. Thanks for letting me know I thought i was first inline. Your a greatBusinessman.

If you were serious about buying you should have PM'd him first then posted, I have found that on this board you have to claim rights to buy something by sending a PM to them and a notice in the thread stating you PM'd the seller with an intent to buy. Take it easy and dont knock someone you dont know or have never delt with.