Atr Performance


damn that sucks where do we get good exhaust now and stuff. man that blows
I received an email from them before they closed. It said my order was cancelled and that they were going to "restructure" for a few months. So, they might be back?????? The number I have for them is: 1-864-972-3800, probably disconnected though.
I just recieved the new Summit catalog and I see they are selling ATR stuff in their catalog.
The Chinese exhaust invasion has begun on E-bay. Nobody is safe. Any good new product will be cloned within two months. Sometimes, even before the the real thing can be released! You can buy knock-off exhaust for anything now at 1/4 the price. ATR sold exhaust for tonz of cars and trucks, that was their money maker. Going to be super hard to make a profit now-a-days.