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Aug 18, 2001
I know that the ATR up-pipe is just a bolt on, but I heard that the downpipe requires welding?!?...I have my turbo off right now and was told if I was going to change the downpipe, that now, with the turbo off, is the time to get it. So, for all you guys who have easy is it to do?!? Thanks, John
I don't (yet) have an ATR downpipe but I've heard there are a number of ways to get it on. I *heard* some people cut it in 2 or 3 pieces, put it in place, then weld it back together. I think this was for the atr downpipe. If not, others can correct me.

What I plan to do (hopefully) is put it all in one piece. However, I've heard you gota make a lot of room around there to get it in. This means the header's coming off.. maybe valve cover? I don't know exactly but I just thought I'd say what I'd heard. Hopefully others will let us know what they did, as I'd like to know too :)

the problem is getting the stock one out .

the easy way is to cut it but if you dont want to cut it then you'll have to take the header off and its still a pain .

my atr pipe fit in sweet slid right in with no problems and it comes extra long under the car so you can delete the cat if you want but to hook it to the cat you will have to cut it to lenth and it comes with the flange to weld to the end so it will bolt to the cat.

pipe is well worth the money

The hardest part is to remove that horrible stock downpipe...Buick was on crack when they made up the design for the passenger side! Save yourself the 4 hours that it took me to remove the stock downpipe in one peice!...I needed to take off...The crossover pipe, the inlet pipe, passengerside header, and I had to move the A/C compressor over a few inches.....and what for? So I could get the stock DP out in once peice...I thought that I would be able to sell it...but noone even wants the stock downpipe!

Go buy some good hack saw blades, and have fun! When you get the pipe out you will see why it is so hard to come out in one peice...because the bends are so sharp that when you twist it one hits up agenst another thing...the ATR should slide right in because the bends are smoother.
:( Hard job it is for the DP, fit. I have kept mind stock since it has its hastles. Howwever there is 2.5" test pipe welded in it for ym exhaust.. I would say no welding would need to be involved, unless you are running the stock exhaust system, but it all depends...
To remove the DP from a stock car:

unbolt the AC compressor (put it off to the side)
unbolt altenator
remove the uppipe
remove the pass side header, the rear bolts I used a socket on a swivle and a bunch of curse words to get it off (its a PITA, but you wont have to cut the DP up this way)
remove old dp (it will come out)

reverse to install

or you can do it my way :) Remove heater box, ac, etc. PLENTY OF ROOM NOW!!!

Chris is right! That is what I did and the pipes go right on.
I used an 87 style cat and an 87 exhaust and then the
dp to cat connection is a slip fit with a clamp. If you use the 84/84 cat and exhaust then you will have to weld on the 85 cat fitting
to the DP or have an adaptor made by an exhaust shop.
strip off the up pipe, crossover, ac compressor, and header and the old pipe will come out. I put on the ATR up pipe, down pipe and crossover and it is the single biggest improvement yet.
Turbo seems to spool much faster. The ATR pipes fit correctly.
I'm much does ATR want for their Downpipe, Uppipe, and Crossover? I would just give em a call, but I was too lazy today and I'm too anxious to wait until tomorrow. Sounds like you are all pleased with the results even though getting the old stuff out is a pain. Oh yeah, do they have a package deal?
I did the cut off dp method. Removed header, valve cover because I needed a new gasket anyway. I loosened the air conditioner compressor (mainly to get at the header bolts). then the new downpipe slipped right in. In one piece. I was glad I replaced headers at the time since both stock ones had cracks.
These guys are right its a pain to get the stock one out so just cut it. But it's well worth the money, i'd say it's one of the best mods to do to are cars.

good luck
my turbo spools near instantly once the car is heated up.. its hard to leave stop lights without getting into boost... wonder how it'll be if I can ever get that DP..
Don't cut it

Follow Chris Wilson's directions. There is no need to cut it, there's already enough places for exhaust leaks.:D :D
Getting the stock DP out is easy. I could take mine out and put it in in less than 30 seconds. All you do is pull it forward toward the front of the car and wedge it between the inner fender and AC, once it's past there you're just a couple turns from being out. There's no need to remove anything.