ATR single shot $250 plus shipping In CONNECTICUT 304 stainless


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Jun 18, 2008
First off this is missing a small 90 degree part of pipe under a foot long and should be easy enough to fabricate and I even have a pic of the missing piece.

The main pipe and tailpipe are real deal ATR 304 stainless steel and will nearly last forever!!!! I believe the muffler to also be stainless steel and I believe a magnaflow and it's highly polished and looks nearly new.

$250 plus shipping . I just shipped another 1 of these systems to FL and cost $60 shipping just for reference.

My computer blew up the other day so I can gladly text cell phone pics from my smartphone. If you want pics either text me 203 213 9126 or post your email address in this thread.

Just FYI the exhaust looks in mint condition and the last one I sold was complete and nearly double the price of this system
Pics won't load onto the page James, sorry.:( I can see them but can't get them from my puter to this post for some reason.o_O

Thanks bison for telling me about the app it works great thus far .


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This is the missing part. Use the 3" muffler clamp as a reference. As you can see its not complicated. This pic was from the last one of these systems which I got $200 more for but that one was complete