ATRA (Gears) 200-4R VB article

A. G. Olphart

Jan 14, 2004
I ran across an outdated link to an article on the 200-4R valve body, and wonder if anyone has a copy of the article that I could get ahold of... I'll send a SASE or whatever. The article was written by Larry Frash & appeared in the July 1999 issue of 'Gears' magazine. (I'm trying to figure these things out, and ATRA no longer has their archives open to the public).

Check with Gears magazine, Make you can get back issues, I have old ones but dont think they go back that far.But ill check.
I've got it I just have to go to the garage to get it but it' kinda chilly out -35 windchill -53 so I'm going to wait a bit. I can scan it & email.

Ouch!! Cruiser, your Minnesota wind chill is within a degree of the coldest absoute temp I put up with before leaving Montana (-54).

Had to leave the old GMC 4 speed in reverse when I shut it down so that I could back out the next morning... at those temps the gear grease resembled epoxy. It took both hands pulling on the 3 foot tall stick (for quite a while) to get it to change gears. Once the vehicle moved, it could be shifted, albeit ever so slowly.

Will appreciate the scanned article when you can get to it, but if you try too soon you may not be found 'til the Spring thaw.
Thanks Jim... I got it, and also finally got to look at it!

My e-mail program doesn't do Rich Text Files (.RTF) so I had to copy the files to another folder & look at them with word pad.

It will be fun for me to figure out, but I'd imagine it is old hat for the other two.

Thanks again-- Ben
Can you post the links here, or e-mail me docs and I can post them on my site for public access.


It would be great if you could post a link. :D
If not, if you could email it, I would appreciate it.

Ok, after reading this article it would seem that you could make any 200r4 valvebody perform like the BRF just by tuning it as described. True or False??
FALSE.... (At least that's my take on it). However, based on Chris having said that AA tranny VBs aren't trash, that one might be tuneable.

The key (I think) is that the springs are a tuning tool. The basic personality of each valve body is determined by the sizes of the various spools on the valves. An ounce or two of spring pressure is quite small when compared to the force exerted by line pressure on the spools themselves.

Now we'll see if my logic is flawed.:D

(Nothing like letting it hang out for toasting. Flame on gentlemen).