attention please read scam alert!!!


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Jul 13, 2005
as we know there is alot of scum on ebay lately..the scam we all know about is all over ebay,as i posted earlier..anyway,now they are listing items without putting a preapproved heres the 300,000,then the next guy bid higher..ive already been ejected from bidding on this one,but many have joined in also,after a day or 2,are having there bid i plan on listing them as i find them and please do the same...this is the one i cant bid on no more(look at all the bids retracted by the seller) hi and bid often :biggrin: someone has to have fun with these scum bags,ebay cant stop them..and people are getting screwed...thanks...
come on guys this guy is screwing people :mad: item...gnx on ebay right now...then item #468559065 grizzly,im hi bidder at 189k :D