Attn Bruce Tolle, we need a resolution


May 27, 2001
Hi guys,
This is a personal complaint I had with a recent vendor about something that I really didn’t want to get this far. I have tried everything possible I can think of to rectify this situation, After a few phone calls, and numerous hours in a private channel w/ the vendor, we are getting nowhere. I even went as far as to email Jason w/ the highlights since my thread was getting deleted/vanished/locked.. I have even went as far as asking for a poll and let you guys decide, I was told that if we made this a poll it would get deleted and I would get banned for speaking about my experience with a vendor who also moderates on this board. It seems that other posts against vendors don’t get deleted/banned, what makes this any different ?
Anyway, here goes…..

Let me start w/ saying I’m the original owner of a 87 GN w/ 39k on it. I lost my license a few yr. back, and in the mean time, I’ve done a lot to it, most of what’s in the signature is done recently, i.e.: 3 yrs. I took it to the track last fall , first time in 3 yr., and first time out ran a 25.x run, I’m like wtf. It turned out that the chips I had bought used for the blue tops I’m running where spiked or what, but I had the EGR went 100% at anything above idle. The car barely made it down the track. I bought these chips used from some guy off the BB. I went back to original chip burner and explained my problem, he said to send em to him, he will check them out. He told me they don’t get spiked and that the other guy must have tried to reprogram it or something, but he would gave me new chips, no charge even thou he didn’t make a dime off of me. That’s a good guy in my book, he will be selling me my chips in the future.
Anyway, I put a bone stock 87 chip in, cranked the boost to 19 and ran a 13.20 at 101 on an unmatched combination. Not bad, not good, but it’ll have to do for now. I put it on the trailer and went back to the garage where it sat all winter. I did nothing to it, remember, I just had 3 yrs. to do whatever I wanted.
This June, I got me some new Weld Draglites and Nittos and was itchin to get plates and insurance back on it. I took it out, ran it up to the currency exchange and back. I fried my tranny that quick. I don’t know how, but it was 2 qt. low on fluid :( , not 1 drop on the garage floor. I must have puked some out on the last run of last year at the track., probably not enough cooldown time.
I am a Truck and Heavy Equipment mechanic for 19 years. Building it myself was also an option. At the time, I was working 75+ hours a week and really didn’t have the time. What would take him around 8 hours or so would have took me 20+:( It might not work as good as Bruce’s, but I’m sure it would get down the road. Oh well, this is where the fun begins….

The last week of June its smoked, I called Bruce (WE4) from Performance Transmissions out in California to get his findings, experience and so on about him doing my tranny. I got a good feeling from him, sounds like he knows his stuff, no doubt about it. After doing some researching and some personal soul searching as to whether ort not I wanna drop 3 big ones on a tranny, I decided I’d spent the money and get what Bruce is selling. I call him again, and tell him I’m gonna let him do it. We even went as far as to realistically go through how long it takes him to teardown, inspect, remachine, rebuild, etc… We had it down to hopefully on the 4th day he would be have it in the test car and if all goes good, on the truck on the 5th day :) I’m like, ok, u got a deal.
I pull the tranny on July 4th, I call to tell him I’m sending it out, this is Friday, he says, no problem, I’m waiting on it. Kewl :) He gets it Monday morning. :) I call Monday afternoon to find out he is now out of stock on billet drums :( I’m like, WTF !!!, how does that happen ?? He tells me he had like 4 of em the other day and didn’t realize he was running out of stock. Another time, he refers to knowingly not having the drums but expects the guy who makes em to at least have some done. He said to wait a week, he should have some. I’m like, ok, I really don’t have a choice, and hey, its only 1 week, …..then 2 ….then 3 ….
On the Monday of the 3rd week, he was telling me to wait another week. I’m like Bruce, I don’t wanna wait anymore, why don’t u tear it down and do what u have to do to make it run again, I’ll get the billet stuff another time, u have to remember, I’m running a whopping 13.20 right now :( Granted, I got a pt-52 and a PTE f/m to go on, so 13’s ain’t gonna last long :) When I burn it up again, then ill send it back. I’m not rich nor am I poor, but if I wanna sent it back for a second time, it wouldn’t be a biggie, yea, another $300, but wtf....that’s MY option.
He tells me he’s either gonna build it complete or not at all, and at this point, he doesn’t have all the parts necessary for a billet tranny anyway. I know a few guys than can do a 200 right. It does take someone who knows what there doing, no doubt, but I don’t need to sent it ½ way across the country for him not to build me a billet unit, anything less would be a waste, I can get that in town. By now its Wednesday, still no billet stuff, 3.5 weeks in his shop collecting dust. I tell him to send it back, ill do it myself or have it done. Just send it back.
I got it done by Jimmy’s trans In Mundeline IL. He got it done w/in a 3 day time frame. He also said he needed the stock servo that I had for another unit he was building, he would swap it out w/ a billet super servo for no charge  I’m like Kewl :) He coulda easily just talked me into a servo and got my stock’r no charge, but he didn’t , he did it his way :) That’s another vendor ill use again :)
I have had numerous conversations w/ Bruce about making up for the freight one way or another. I don’t feel I should have to eat the freight. This was his own bad call. He is the owner /operator of his shop, I would think he’s the one that would know what’s in there or not, and if there’s a doubt, walk over to the shelf and check. I was on the phone probably a good 3 hrs w/ him over a few times long distance prior to me sending it there. He had plenty of time to check. So here I am, still trying to resolve this. Remember, the deal was on Friday for him to build me a billet unit ASAP for $XXXX amount. The priority was ASAP to me, and Bruce knew it. Come Monday, he couldn’t produce.
On the Wednesday when I told him to send it back, I had also asked him to send me an Alto band and a “300m” band anchor pin., and once again, please send it ASAP since I might be rebuilding the tranny myself over the weekend. Yea, he sent it out, didn’t hit the mail till Friday and I didn’t get it till Tuesday the following week. So much for ASAP. When I got the anchor pin, and only the anchor pin, because he’s out of bands too, I got the bill for it too, boy was I surprised. He wanted to charge me $29.95 for it even though he advertises $18 on his website. He was trying to charge me tax too. I called him immediately on this, he told me the overpricing must have been a mistake but I have to pay tax. I was like, Bruce, THERE IS NO TAX ON OUT OF STATE PARTS. He was trying to tell me that there is. After another argument w/ him, he finally acknowledged that there isn’t and that Mark, his manager, must have screwed up. I wonder how many other people have been charged tax that lives out of state ?? What is this guy up too ?? By the way, when I ask what a “300m” material is, he refers to it as being a space age steel I think. I’ve looked in all the machinist’s handbooks I can find to avail. When I ask him specifically what it is, he just won’t say, but he expects use to shell out good cash for something he wont even tell us what it is.
I have asked a few people what they think of all this, they say that’s its unfortunate that things worked out the way they did, but Bruce should do something, not just tell me to go f**k myself. Bruce said if I post that would be slander, then it would be blackmail. First off, isn’t slander if I was telling lies about the situation?? And Blackmail is to pay me extra to keep quiet?? There are no lies here, all I want is the original $300 I spent on freight sending it out to him, BTW.., no, I did not pay Bruce for the freight, that’s his argument, since he did not collect anything, he should not have to put anything out. He could not deliver what he had promised, not even close. I ask Bruce to reply to this post ASAP so we are sure that all the facts are straight, and then let the public decide.
BTW guys, since the car has been running again, I have made a cruise or show EVERY single night weather permitting. I got a 3rd place at a large show last weekend :) I’m hoping to have some track time in soon. I’d like to hit 12.5 or so before I put on the pt-52. And oh yea, I just picked up an 86 GN that I’m hoping to restore and run as a race car, the wife frowns on beating on the 87 :(
OK guys, that’s about it. Think about it, how would you feel. I don’t know, 3 big bones is a lot for a tranny that will probably never see faster than an 11.xx. Guys have done that w/ a bone stock tranny. I should have listened to my gut, my gut said to do it local from the get go, but I had a good salesman on the phone, so I said go for it.
I don’t have a vengence for him, its just the way the situation was handled, he coulda done sumthing :(
Jason, please don’t deleat/lock this thread. I was told from Bruce that if I posted it as a poll, u would deleat it and ban me. As a post only, it “might” stay here I was told, it all depended on how bad the truth hurts. So here it is,just a venting and public alert message about one of your Moderaters / Vendors. Im would think your going to handle this just as you would handle any other vendor posts, ie: Precisions cam thing, DRW’s tranny thing, etc … Those aint locked, nor is anybody banned.
In response to your accusations Mr Shellman..

Basically all you said is true, with the exception of the following in the order of you post.

1) I have never deleted a post by anyone!!!!! ( except Joey (geerhead), and that was by accident)

2) Polls aginst any vendor are not allowed on board. As far as your complaint against me or any other vendor is concerned, go ahead and post , just with taste and facts. Done in this manner , I or Any other moderators would not initiate any action except maybe a reply.

3)" I'm like, WTF !!!, how does that happen ?"

It happens when a .5 million dollar machine goes down and all products on line are set back. It is not that I changed my story it was that I didnt know about machine failure till Mon and I was expecting them on Mon. No one was more upset and set back and frustrated as me. Remember I got 100's of other people expecting product too not just Mr. Shellman

4)"On the Monday of the 3rd week, he was telling me to wait another week. I'm like Bruce, I don't wanna wait anymore"

This was HIS CHOICE!!!!!

5)", why don't u tear it down and do what u have to do to make it run again"

This is NOT what we do..........

6), "but if I wanna sent it back for a second time, it wouldn't be a biggie, yea, another 300, but wtf....".......Oh so its not a big deal after all?

So.... Why you bitching???????

7)"It does take someone who knows what there doing, no doubt, but I don't need to sent it ½ way across the country for him not to build me a billet unit, anything less would be a waste, I can get that in town"

So why in the hell did you make statement #5???????

8)", 3.5 weeks in his shop collecting dust. I tell him to send it back, ill do it myself or have it done. Just send it back"

Again.....HIS CHOICE!!!

9)NO Extra money was to be paid for express service.( which doesnt exist, I figured I would just do his at night or go in on the weekend) Never has, never will be....PERIOD>>>EVER!

10) " And Blackmail is to pay me extra to keep quiet??"

What you said to me was "if you pay , I won't smear your name" ..... To which, I replied .. sounds like blackmail to me. I took it as such...

11)"and then let the public decide."

the public has nothing to do with it.

12)"I don't have a vengence for him, its just the way the situation was handled, he coulda done sumthing"

Yes you do or you would understand your own impatience......What do you expect me to do ? Give you something for nothing? hrmmmmmm.... Again...YOU did not pay me for anything. the freight guys did their job and got it here and back to you. thats who you paid and thats why you paid it.

13) "As a post only, it "might" stay here I was told, it all depended on how bad the truth hurts. So here it is,just a venting and public alert message about one of your Moderaters / Vendors. Im would think your going to handle this just as you would handle any other vendor posts, ie: Precisions cam thing, DRW's tranny thing, etc … Those aint locked, nor is anybody banned."

This is crap. Nobody ever said you could not post a greivence. Nobody ever said you would be banned for a post explaining a complaint. It was said you could not post a poll flaming a vendor. You can still air a greivence without slander.

14) "but Bruce should do something, not just tell me to go f**k myself"

I never said that. you told me to go f**k myself.... remember?

15) "As a post only, it "might" stay here I was told, it all depended on how bad the truth hurts. "

I will never hide from truth. It all boils down to he sent trans. I had things, way beyond my control, hold me up. Not just his job but every job for three weeks. Funny, all other 50 people waiting understood. And it cost me over 30K in down time. then HE ELECTS to return. He said it , he wrote it , you read it.. HE DID NOT WANT TO WAIT. Regardless if his would be first one done when production resumed. So in essence he feels I owe him the freight. Now remember , I never touched or recieved dime one, from Mr Shellman.

Heres how this will work . He said his peace, and I replied. this is the end of our input. It is aired for all.

I am curious to see what vendors & moderators Craig spoke of to me who support his position. I would also like to know why. This is all over something that has NOTHING to do with our trans and/or products. He has not spent a dime.

If there is ANYBODY who thinks I have done them wrong , please , please speak up. I am honest and try very hard to please all. I hold no grudges to those who speak up. However if the complainers get a shot , I would like the happy ones to be represnted too.

Craig , like agreed, this is the end. No matter what the outcome. If you dont get what it is you are looking for , it is done.

I can't even believe I am defending this


The special parts Bruce uses are hard to come by. Most are not off the shelf parts. They are custom made for him and like any other vendor, he has to wait if his supplier is late or out of stock. I can easily see him selling all his stock within the few days it took your tranny to arrive at his shop. If you have ever visited his shop, there are tons of TR's there wanting the same parts as you did. If you waited 3 years, why couldn't you wait a few more weeks? If you wanted his tranny with all his "good" parts, then it is worth the wait. Personally, I don't think this buick community knows how good they have it with Bruce. He is developing new 2004R parts all the time. Because of him, there will always be somewhere for us TR racers to go to when pushing the envelope of these 2004R. Give the guy a break and let him take as much time as needed to get you what you ordered. If you take pride in your car like I do, you won't want a rush job. Perfection doesn't come when you slam it all together. The guy is under staffed. The guy runs his own shop. AND, he still build trannies for people all over the country while developing new parts for us. This is hard to do in an 8 hour day and still have a family.
OK, I consider both of these gentelman my friends. All I can do is give my opinion, and as we all know, we all have one. I have said this before, "stuff" happens. Machines break, truckes get robbed, etc etc.. If I had been in the same situation, I would have left the trans there till' it was done. The fact is, Craig asked for his trans back, therefore it was his choice. Again, just my opinion.

First of all, I merged the other thread regarding this in the General Tech section into this one. There is no need to have this going in more than one place.

Second of all, I didn't want this posted on this board this way. I felt that the only reason why it was directed at Bruce was because he is a member/moderator here. If Bruce did not participate on this site, it would not be personally directed at him like it is. Therefore, it should have been handled off the board and directly with Bruce.

Third, gnsrule told me that Bruce was okay with this being posted to clear the air once and for all. However, the next day on the phone, Bruce told me that he indeed did NOT ever agree to this being posted (I don't think he disagreed, either). I am honestly not sure what to make of that.

Bruce is my friend, and I really don't think he would lie to me. Bruce is the kinda guy that would stand up and defend himself instead of taking a cheap way out. Regardless, I can't get involved, and I can't be biased and I can't let any personal relationships get in the way of this situation. I stated many times that I would have to stay out of it as much as I could in order to be fair to everyone. I will stick to that promise.

Another thing that I did state was that if this got out in the air (which it did, right here) that it would be the first and last time it was hashed out, regardless of the outcome. No matter who is happy, and who is not, I don't want it here again because after this, it is done and over with. I will stick to that promise as well.
My $.02......

In this situation, I think the only person to blame is no one. If I sent Bruce my trans and he was out of stock on the parts he needed to do the job, then either I wait or I say send it back. You chose to wait until the three week point to say send it back and he did so. I understand your frustration about the money shipping the trans to him and having it shipped back but also understand that Bruce is one of, if not the best, 200r builders in existence. You sent it to him cause you wanted the best. But so does everyone else. You are not the only one who wanted billet stuff at that moment. If he walks over and there are four on the shelf, then your trans gets there and he tears it down and there are none left, it's because there are about 10,000 other guys wanting billet stuff too! I am sure Bruce isn't the only trans builder at Performance Trans and I am sure that you weren't the only guy that were waiting on billet stuff after the four on the shelf were gone.

Bruce is a standup guy. I don't think he would say "yeah send me your trans" if he knew that he would be out of stock for any amount of time before saying he we will be out of stock for that much time. If you owned a business and paid for stuff like this all the time, I doubt that you would be in business for long.

In closing, this was a situation that could not have been forseen. You don't know that the machine is going down until it does, just like you can't tell your tranny is about to die before it does. He said the machine costs $500,000 and honestly, how much do think it costs to fix? How soon do you think you could get repair people out to fix it? I don't think Bruce is liable for your freight costs because he didn't tell you to send it knowing that he was out of stock. BUT, had you two figured out a way to handle this privately, you may have been able to recover possibly half of that on your next killer rebuild. I don't know that Bruce would have done that but anything is possible, just like the machine going down the week of your rebuild. An emergency on your part doesnot constitute an automatic emergency on his part.

Walter Gayle


Sorry about this whole ordeal. I know what it feels like to be waiting on the last part to complete your car and having it take longer then expected.

From what I read, it appears you are looking for $300 retribution. Hmmmmm. If you paid a 3rd party (frieght) the money, why would you expect the 2nd party (Bruce) to pay? It's to bad you missed out on having Bruce build your unit. His workmanship is excellant, I have seen it first hand.

I am trying to think of an anology that will fit this situation.

Let's say a Construction company wants to buy a new Pick up, with a specialty body. The dealer has the pick up, they have a supplier for the body. The Construction company wants thier new vehicle as soon as possible, so they can use it. The dealer is in a bind now. They cannot control the body supplier. The Construction company feels like they are losing revenue, because of this. The Dealer is stressed, and the Construction Co. is mad. This happens all the time. I don't think it is right, but it is reality.

I will summarize it this way. Things did not go as either of you planned. Craig decided to change course, this cost him $300 to do. You are upset about the incurred cost. So in return, you decided to air this dirty laundry. So I guess you got what you wanted, Craig.

I have had to wait for parts, wait for delivery, wait for contractor's and wait for suppliers at times. Heck, my wife has to wait for me to get time to even do things for her and I have to wait for time to work on my car when unexpected things take me away from my "planned" time.

You know what, I even had to wait for my tranny due to the same reasons Craig chose to have his tranny shipped back. Well obviosly the parts did arrive and so will my tranny on Monday. (Assuming the delivery company is on time and doesn't ask me to wait again as they got the tranny last Thusday!)

If you contact a company and direct they to perform a service that they agree too, such as shipping a tranny, you are responsible for the cost of that service.

If you believe a company is not performing a service as verbally or contractually agreed too you would need to deal with that through the legal channels available to you. There is no right to damages for a service or product delayed unless there is a written contract with contractually agreed to performance standards in most states. In fact, even if you prove delay in a written contract in a court there may not be any damages due to you if the cause of the delay is beyond the control of the contractor or company.

Have we become so accustomed to having what we want when we want it that we forget to put on the shoes of the guy at the other end trying to make a living when things just start going wrong?

Now, I sure hope Bruce builds as good a tranny as all of you say he does..... 600+ HP and 600+ torque and nearly 4000 pounds of Chevelle........ hehehehe
My 2 Cents..... since you asked for opinions...

originally posted by gnsrule:
I am a Truck and Heavy Equipment mechanic for 19 years.

Craig, you have been working as a mechanic for 19 yrs. & you never had to wait for a certain part to fix a truck?????

originally posted by gnsrule:
Building it myself was also an option.

So you would have no problem building it if you could get Most of the parts????? yea sure you could.........

originally posted by gnsrule:
I don’t know how, but it was 2 qt. low on fluid I must have puked some out on the last run of last year at the track., probably not enough cooldown time.

You have been a mechanic for 19 yrs........ but yet you dont check fluids when you take your car out??????

originally posted by gnsrule:
I tell him to send it back, ill do it myself or have it done. Just send it back.

you are looking for compensation from Bruce???????? Did you read what you posted??????????

Bruce is NOT a lier or a cheat !!!!!
He helps people out on this board for No Charge !!!

If he had the parts to do your tranny, he would have done it !

If he was a crook he would have "patched" your tranny & charged you for a rebuild.

It is very unfortunate that the machine craped out when it did, but since you are in the mechanics field you should have a better understanding about "stuff" happening.
You made the decision to not to wait and Bruce sent your tranny back. That was your choice you got what you paid for. I dont understand your complaint. You are responsible for shipping to and from even if Bruce built your tranny the shiping cost is still your responsibilty. I was building a couple trannys at the time the machine broke down and yes I had to wait 3+ weeks for parts. I told my customers about the problem and guess what. They waited for the billet parts. One customer said I only want to do this once 3-4-5 weeks is worth it. As for tearing down another transmission to rob parts to repair yours. Let me ask you what would you have thought if that was your tranny that was having the parts removed to get someone else going? I agree with Bruce. Parts robbing from a customers tranny is not an option. Bruce handled this no different than I would have. You want the best work and the best parts then you pay the price and wait your turn. **** happens machines break and suppliers dont always deliver on time. Get over it and move on.

Lonnie Diers
Crazi wrote : I am sure Bruce isn't the only trans builder at Performance Trans.

Actually, he is the only tranny builder there. How he does it all, I have no clue!
It took about 3 months to get mine from Bruce. It only took that long because Bruce was trying to accomodate exactly how I wanted to do it. On top of the equipment failure. I didn't see any point in rushing the guy rebuilding my trannie. Seems as bout as smart as telling the Dr. doin your vasectomy to hurry the hell up and don't worry about waiting for the nurse to bring you a sharp pair of scissors:eek:

Well, my "patience" paid off. I now have exactly what I paid for, one of the best trannie rebuilds possible. He even developed some stronger parts during the time I was waiting so I got an even better tranny then I would have gotten otherwise. I'm sure you'd have the same also right now if you would've had a little "patience". Instead you're all aggravated and out $300.
I understand why you are pissed but blaming Bruce for the problems that led up to him not being able to meet delivery date just seems to me to be something that was out of his control. Ol Chinese proverb comes to mind "Poopoo occurs"

At any rate I am glad you have your car back together again and ready to put it to the test:D

Good Luck.
Good Guy - Bad Guy list

Keep this stuff off the board.

We all agreed to limit this type of bull on the board. It doesn't resolve anything. The vendor IMO is right 95% of the time and the other 5% can be put on the Good Guy - Bad Guy list if it can't be resolved via a phone call or private e-mails between the two parties.

Shipping items is the responsibility of the shipper. Costs come out of the shipper's pocket unless you agree upfront to share costs. It is common knowledge that a vendor can get a better rate in shipping parts than the average guy shipping out of his household garage... hint: if you have a large item, make an attempt to see if the vendor can assist you in saving a buck or two (call 1-800-call ATT) you heard the commercial before... memorize it... save a buck or two.

Craig... you and Bruce should find a compromise somehow. Search for it... and yes... you are out of $300... sucks to be you.
You shipped it correct? Think about it. Leave your ego at the door.
I was waiting for my trans when Bruce ran out of drums. Mine was one of the few that he could do because it already had the billet parts and drum.

I talked to Bruce for about 45 minutes because he was stressed and venting about being told at the last minute by the aerospace company that the laser-welding machine that does the shaft-drum welding was broke. He cancelled vacation with his wife and family so he could be around to get what he could done or prepped and *maybe* the machine would get fixed that week so he could finish some jobs. He wasn't drinking margaritas on the beach while the work was piling up around the shop.

If you think you were inconvenienced, how would you like to be the guy that feeds his family on how many 200-4r's he can get out the door, and you can't get any out the door until the machine is fixed?

Bruce and I have been working on a problem with my trans since I got it. He's tried, I think, in earnest to make things right and how they should be. Guess what? I'm out shipping twice and money for some hard-parts, plus favors and time for R&Ring the transmision and not making the races. Bruce is out assy. time, phone time, some parts, (and 1 trans crate :D ). He told me if this doesn't work then we'll start with a new core. I think we met half-way. Try that with most other vendors.

If you read ANY warranty it states the only thing you get is repair/replacement of parts; that's it. Haven't you ever had any parts backordered? Is it Bruce's fault you live 1/2 way across the country?

You got 39k out of the first trans, how many miles do you think you will get out of this one? You may decide you should have been a LOT more patient and understanding...
My Dealings with Bruce

Let me tell you about a story of customer service.
Last fall I finally got my T Type "Super Junk" to
the track. It had a transmission in it that was stock
but with an Art Carr 16930. I had not spent a dime
with bruce yet. Anyway my tranny blows up on my first
pass. I am totally pissed off and sat there upset wondering
what to do. My good friend Jerry Heimbecker had Bruce's
home phone number and I gave him a call. He left his
house and sofa with drink to meet me at his shop.
This was on a sunday or saturday please consider.
He looked over my car and then gave me a tour of his
shop. He took care of the tranny and called me with updates.
Nobody is perfect, but I can tell you this. Bruce will do
110% every time to try and take care of you. Do we want
to loose an important vendor because we as a group are

I am not here to kiss bruce's ass but I think it is stupid to want to kick it. He has offered to help me again at his expense. How about maybe not taking advantage of a nice guy. If $300 is worth
bashing someone's repetation in your eye's
. Then I think waiting for a transmission is not your biggest problem.

Good luck to all my buick brothers. Let's try to take care of each other.

John Wilde
Customer and Buddy of Bruce
So, see if I got this straight. Craig paid $300 to ship the transmission to Bruce. Craig could not wait for the transmission to be done properly. Craig wanted his transmission back so then Bruce paid for the shipment of the transmission back to Craig and didn't charge him for the shipping or anything else.

If that's the case what's the fighting about? Done deal to me. Both lost out on it.

Of course Bruce isn't just going to slap a trans together without it being right. That's what makes his reputation. Well built strong trannies done right. He won't do anything less.

What you have to understand is Bruce is as busy as a one-legged man in a** kicking contest due to high demand. You as a customer have to be patient and wait sometimes for rare good parts. Bruce isn't the only vendor that this can happen to. You can't get this stuff at a local shop but is worth the wait for the right good stuff. And sometimes things out of the vendors control can cause delays.

As with anything in life ... stuff can happen unexpectedly.
"Craig wanted his transmission back so then Bruce paid for the shipment of the transmission back to Craig and didn't charge him for the shipping "

NO.... This is not correct.

Mr Spellman paid for shipping both ways. ...

Seems to me that if you are not willing to wait to have something done properly then it is up to you to pay to have it returned. How many 30 day money back gaurantees pay for return shipping? None. Quality work is hard to come by and is usually worth the wait. I have dealt with bruce on several occasions and it has been explained to me that some times suppliers are slow and it slows down the whole shop not just 1 individuals order. I work in a business where I am expected to deliver on time no matter what happens. I can do this since i can create things on the fly. Building a trans is totally different, u need parts(ingredients) to build a great trans. U can't just make up parts or improvise in a business like Bruce's because if you do then there will be people complaining about the quality of the workmanship. What would you rather have, a quality trans, or an average trans that gets you from point A to point B. I vote for a quality trans and be patient even if it takes a little longer than what you want it too. Bruce is just a man, not a superman. Remember Rome wasn't built overnite, and neither is a trans.
Hey, Fellows I sat here and read all the ins and outs of the post on the problems that Craig was having with Bruce on getting his trans rebuilt, the thing that I see here is that Bruce is in great demand on building our trans, so be it if it takes a little longer on getting it done rite,( plan for it) at least you know that you will have a trans that is built the way it is suppose to be. The reason I am saying this is that I had Bruce build me a very, very nice tranny and was in no hurry in pushing him on getting it done and as a vendor he answered all of my ?s and kept me informed of the work that was being done. (how many vendors do that, I can only name a hand full) All I can say to you Craig is that patience has its virtue and you may have jumped the gun. Jr.
I think the point about both sides losing out on this deal is accurate.Unfortunately,suppliers sometimes run into problems and can't produce parts you need when you need them.Schmit happens.As someone else pointed out,Bruce has more customers than just this one.
I talked to Bruce on the phone for 45 minutes about 2 weeks ago.The majority of the conversation actually involved discussion about this topic.I got the impression that Bruce was basically left standing there holding his "Cojones" while more than one person was waiting for the same parts as this gentleman.Pretty embarrassing to say the least.Now what can he do?Wait.That's it.
I work as a machinist in a large industrial shop and sometimes parts,materials,etc.,don't show up as expected.What do we tell the mill waiting on a new part that will increase production?Not much.They'll have to wait.That's the best we can do.
I'm not here to say, rah rah Bruce,but I can sympathize with his situation.It gets even more critical when you are developing new,improved,ground breaking parts that require special suppliers with special equipment.
It sounds like what happened was,the trans was pulled for a cheap,basic beefing,possibly to be sent back to Bruce in the future for a full on rebuild.
If it was me,I would have waited a little longer and had it done right,afterall,you waited that long.I'm betting that Bruce would have done something a "little extra" for you.He just struck me as that kind of guy when I talked to him on the phone.
Unfortunately,you pulled it,you pay.That's how I see it.Take it for what it's worth.