Attn Bruce Tolle, we need a resolution

hey bruce

sounds like the guy with the GTO over here in VA. huh

i heard about you'lls conversation ol BOB can get to be an azz at times :eek:

BTW: i work for/with omni performance time to time when they need a real machanic..:D
I haven’t even bothered to read all the posts yet, but from what i understand is that you all seem to agree than parts availability is MY problem no matter what I tried to do before hand to insure there would be parts to build it with. A phone call at Friday afternoon around 3pm to tell Bruce that the tranny is on its way and also to confirm parts stock, and that he should see it Monday morning. Tranny arives Monday morning around 10am. I don’t believe he works Saturday’s or Sundays as regular hours, so that means ruffly 6 business hours later he is out of parts. If he had the parts in hand, that means only 1 of 2 things. He either sold them over the counter knowing damn well that mine was on its way, or he put them into another unit late Friday or early Monday morning, either of which, a courtesy call to me would have been a good idea so i can make a decision as to weather or not i want to wait or try to stop shipping.
Now, I don’t know how things are run in other parts of the country, but here in Chicago, when u call someone for parts, and they check stock, they also pull them and they go into “will call” or get set aside till you pick them up. Also, here in Chi-town, service is what makes or brekes you. Hmmm, pullin parts to be sold is now service ? Damm, I thought service included a whole lot more than that.
Everyone who responded, seems to be leaving out the fact that it was conveyed to Bruce long before getting the dam thing in the first place, that it needed to be done ASAP irregardless of what it takes. Billet **** was optional as his website states. It offers a rebuild tranny for $1200, billet Killer tranny for $1800.Why couldn’t he just do a rebuilt unit like i also asked, at that time he replies. I’m doing it right or not all. Hmmm, seems like false advertising. Maybe there should be some internet watchdog stuff :(
Now, anyone who wrench’s does know that tranny’s; for a tranny builder , is not that hard, Just nuts and bolts and seals and clutch’s. Christ, take apart a Cat 977 down the bare frame and rebuild that, including all the components ie: engine, torque converter, tranny, steering clutch’s, final drives, tracks, track frames, etc.. oh yea, hydraulics too. There’s some nuts and bolts and parts floating around. Oh yea, do that job in 3 months time while fixing all the other equipment and trucks for the company and order parts with NO HELP !! Sorry guys, that’s what i do for a living, it ain’t no biggie, its my job :) a very long day job.
As far as having a part sold out from under me AFTER putting it in "Will Call", NEVER. Backordered parts yes. But, this is not what i would call a backorder. I called there 6 business hours prior to my tranny getting there and now he’s out of parts, wtf. I’ve had parts sit on a will call shelf for weeks and NEVER get sold out from under me. With all this being said, the welder going down is irrelevant at this point. I did everything in my power to insure that he actually had the parts short of physically flying out there to look for myself. Guys, even the kids behind the counter at Pep Boyz know how to check stock while your on the phone, and they can even write your name on it so it don’t get sold to someone else.
I called Bruce at least 3 times that week to arrange things. How could he have not known he had the parts ?
In my honest opinion, I think Bruce knew all along he did not have the parts in stock as he told me, But rather he was expecting them on Monday. When they didn’t show on Monday, he then decided to tell me there was a parts availability problem.
As far as the responses I got here, I really do take them w/ a grain of salt. Come on, Joe is a tranny builder who is a personal best friend, along w/ Lonnie and others I’m sure also. I can fully understand them being a little biased. As far as Bruce being the only builder there, what are those pic of “technicians “ on his web site for then, especially Alan Mackiewicz , indicates he builds the TR tranny’s too at the age of 21. Hmm, I guess they really don’t take a Master Technician Builder to do. ( A Matser is someone who has 5 or more years in the field he id a master in along w/ being ASE certified ). I have never said Bruce doesn’t build good stuff, no way. I tried to find out, but he couldn’t produce what he promises, even 6 business hours later.
BTW Bruce, the bitch is about the fact of me sending you the tranny on your word, and you not being able to hold up your end of the bargain. Its not like I’m not going to be able to now feed the family over this $300. To me, the $300 to send it back to you after you get your parts problem straightened out would not have been a problem, had I been able to get it built ASAP w/ or w/o billet parts, I was going to do that, I told you that.
Oh well, in all honesty, with close to 400 views and only 18 posts as of writeing this, and most appear to be personal friends of Bruce’s, I feel I lost the battle but won the war. I did everything in my power to make my tranny run before summer was out. You did not. .Jeez, that’s was even a new sale, I hate to think how dusty it would have gotten if it was a warranty. And Please Bruce, don’t even tell me you never get a warranty claim. Everyone gets em, it just depends how many.
Here in Chicago you run a possibility of getting hurt if you fuk’d over someone like that. I don’t know, in Ca I guess they just don’t pass you the joint. :Þ

BTW guys, Bruce and I still talk, just not to each other :p
In all honesty, we still do talk, just not on the same levels anymore. Its just a shame that we cannot do business together.

Also, I had asked Bruce if he just wants to split the loss since we both do see the other ones side, he has told me that he would rather have this instead.
Im done
"I haven’t even bothered to read all the posts yet"

Sure sounds like you did to me.

"As far as the responses I got here, I really do take them w/ a grain of salt"

So did you or didn't you read them?

"I feel I lost the battle but won the war."

Ummmmmm, O.K., Keep telling yourself that.................

"I don’t know, in Ca I guess they just don’t pass you the joint. :Þ"

Uncalled for IMHO.

Look. You blew it and got an inferior trany in the process. Still paid shipping because you couldn't wait any more after waiting for 3 years. YOUR CHOICE! Said it yourself. Get over it.
You need to take a step back and evaluate what happened to Bruce:
Not only did he lose your business, he likely lost others. This wasn't done to spite you... this is business.
And in business stuff happens, sometimes bad stuff, stuff that costs you lots of money, or time with family... this happened to Bruce. It is a shame that you couldn't be a bit more patient, being new here it sounds like he is one of the best to go to. And I am sure that he would have looked after you, with free parts, labour, or a discount after all the things were sorted out on his end.
Furthermore, a good 200-4R is hard to do. I know, it took me a month to research mine and it took the rebuilder 2 weeks to build it to my specs. It took about two weeks to find a Super Servo... and three hours of my driving around to get it and take it to the car (SS) to be installed. Sure the tranny was back together, and I could have driven it with the stock unit... but that wasn't the point. I know it suck to wait for billet parts. But that is life.
Loss of money due to impatience, is your choice. Not Bruce's. A Band-Aid solution is not what he provides... take the tranny to the local shop that specializes in TH350 & 400s and watch the scrach their heads looking at this thing.

Lastly, Just not to be totally biased. Bruce, how the heck does it take 3+ weeks to fix a $500,000 CNC machine (if that is what it was)? I have worked in the production industry and heard of these things going down... but come back up in the next day or 4. Granted, I was working for a multi-million dollar company (since purchased by a multi-billion $ one) and this kind of turn around likely just doesn't apply to you. ;)

I wish that I had known about this board a year ago!
I have only one other thing to add. If I was the owner, I would have offered1/2 the shipping, just to quiet the squaking. But that is just me and my opinion. I do understand that I would not have too, but thats just me.

Hmm.The point about the downtime on the machine is interesting.We use a lot of CNC chuckers and boring mills[Stelco Inc.].When they go down,it typically takes a week to get parts and 3 days to install them.Our machine repair guys are no dummies either.Now this amchine is a laser welder[don't know if that was mentioned],obviously too expensive to own outright.Now if it goes down,you get behind schedule.So after a week and a half,you get it back on line and your subcontracted jobs have to wait while you get your own work done first.You are at their mercy,they own the machine.It's that simple.
As to how this whole situation worked out,go back and read Bruce's original response to the lead posting.Pay particular attention to the tenth points and further.I think attitude bread by frustration and a lack of understanding of the vendor's situation,is what lead to friction and ultimately a bad outcome for both parties involved.

Is it as simple as it seems?

"Do you have the parts"

"Yeah...they're in stock"

"OK, I'll send it to you today and when you get it you'll ship it back within X days...DEAL?"


Next case for Judge Judy! :)

Apologies if I misread something!

I think we've all experienced the "It's in stock." line.

This has nothing to do with how great someone performs the fix.

Let's just use this info to help define ordering from WHOEVER in the future. HTH
happens alot at pep boys.. orileys.. autozone.. 'yea we got 3 in stock'... go up there.. none in the pick, none in the back..

whatever the truth was.. shoulda been said.. not just a lil white lie IF there were none in stock, but delivery was ASSumed to come soon..
my .02

I would have expected a phone call/email or some sort of message stating that there were problems considering the previous phone conversations regarding the timing. That was your bad Bruce. I want "gnsrule" to know that I had to remove my head from WE4's ass to say that and now I'm reinserting it to continue the kissing process. Bruce you da man, you been da man, you always will be da man. This was certainly unfortunate for both parties but one was impatient and both were probably frustrated (speculation). Sometimes this kind of crap happens especially given these circumstances. Move on. Shmack..shmack..kiss..kiss..kiss..mmmmmm...mmmmm..Bruce you da man. I'm sorry I said it was your bad about the phone call, you know how sensitive I get sometimes when you don't call. Mmmmmm...shmack....shmack..kisssssssslurp.;)

Bruce is not responsible for your shipping costs. Since thats your complait, well you don't have one.

As others have said, stuff happens.
Being in the business I know that running out of parts DOES happen despite the best efforts. A special part that is ONLY available in one place is out of his control. I have seen people wait MONTHS to locate a part (I don't know how the people do it but WE didn't break the tranny in the first place so I don't dwell on it). I assume Bruce does a relatively high volume of business and with his 'in car Dyno' I'm sure he's working his tail off. He must do good work and it will be worth the wait. Besides, you went W/O a license for three years and you can't wait some more?
I can surely understand the customers point of view. When your dealing with rare cars, the customers can be on the impatient side when it comes to having their favorite baby in pieces in the garage. I will admit, I am the same way. That is why I have learned to do my own work. Some can be so impatient that it really isn't worth doing business with them. One of the important things you have to define when going into business is who your customer is. The famous saying, you can't be everything to everyone. If you tried, you would drive yourself crazy and/or be out of business in short order. The people that recognize the value of your work and are willing to wait for your service as you do everything in your power to get that work done for the customer as quickly as you humanly can are the cream of the crop as far as customers go. Those are the ones you will go above and beyond for. The spoiled ones that expect it their way without delay and can't seem to conceive that things can happen beyond your control to slow things down while arguing that they could have done it themselves anyway are not what I would consider worth getting up early for. I can see Bruce's point of view also. For years you have a supplier that delivers like clock work. You know your low on a certain part in stock, but are confident that the part will be replenished soon for the upcoming orders. No problem that I can see. Then your supplier lets you down and your out in the cold. The customer has 2 options. Wait for the part or go somewhere else. I really can't see that the vendor is responsible for getting the unit to or from the customer in any circumstance unless something has been prearranged. Doing business with even the most reputable people is always a gamble and the customer is the one that chose to do business halfway across the country. Customers decision. Live with it. Do you think that we as vendors aren't taking a gamble to doing work for a person across the country? What if the dope installing the trans set the TV cable wrong and burns the unit up? You can bet he'd be posting on the internet about how this vendor screwed him. I have had customers expect me to pay for a rental car for them because their trans in their car broke and had to be fixed, leaving them without a car for 3 days. As if it was my fault that suddenly they had no transportation and I owed them transportation. This is a good definition of a spoiled customer. They think someone owes them something if things don't go their way in this world. It's a growing consumer mentality in this country. One of the many fun things that business owners get to contend with on a daily basis. What ever happened to understanding and manners. Which brings up another point. A person that is willing to vent their problems with a vendor by putting it out for all to see in this fashion is not a cream of the crop customer in my eyes and should not be sourcing top of the line shops for service. They will always find something to disappoint them. It they can't find something, they can always complain about the price. Guaranteed.