Maybe a silly question..


The New Kid
Dec 21, 2001
So.. is there a cam for our engines that can “chop” like v8 ones can? That would still make good power? I think like an LS BTR turbo cam, chops like crazy at idle but makes great power. I don’t wanna hear all the “you don’t need anything more than a stock cam to run 6.50 in the quarter at 70000 mph” comments, I know I don’t NEED anything, I’m just purely wanting the idle sound and added top end power for my own enjoyment.
It won't take much cam to move the power up beyond what the rest of the engine combo wants. Lots of cam will hurt spoolup, so a big cam wil want lots of converter stall, etc. And so on.

So, sure you can make it chop, but I think you will hate it in the long run.

V6's never sounded great , even if you shorten the exhaust or put a 3" single shot on you still get the "sowing machine" sound effect, i always thought the beauty of the v6 turbo sound was the quietness and the UFO drone of the turbo hum not the choppy v8 cam rumble.