Audiowizard, I got those adapters!

Drew L

Gerry Attrick
May 24, 2001
I went back to Best Buy and asked for them by name and guess what? They had them. I also bought an inexpensive set of Pioneers mostly for fit of the adapters. With a little patience and bending I am satisfiedd with their fit. I'm going to upgrade these speakers to something better here in next few days. I went to to get which color rear speaker wires are + and -. They give the colors but not which is + or -. Before I bring these back I want to make certain I have them hooked up correctly. Is having proper fade and balance a known way to determine this? Thanks again for all of your suggestions. Drew
Here ya go:

Rear speaker wire colors
Blue/yellow stripe RR+
Lt. Blue/yellow stripw RR-
Brown/yellow stripe LR+
Yellow LR-

Front speaker wire colors
Tan LF+
Grey LF-
Light green RF+
Dark green RF-

This should get you started. If you have a factory Delco, the wiring colors are on the back.
Glad that I could help :) . I told you those adapters werent hard to work with once you manipulate the wire hangers, good job.
I'm usually not afraid to modify things to make them work and thats what was needed to get it done. Not many things in life are perfect. Once again , thanks a million. I know much of this stuff has been talked abouut many times before so I appreciate your effort. You youself have probably talked about many times I'm sure. This is what this board is all about! Thanks again. Drew:)