Average E.T. and MPH for TB.com?


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Jun 11, 2003
What do you guys think the e.t. and MPH would be if we averaged all of our car's together here at TB.com? There are a number of single digit and 10 second cars here, but I think the average would probably be somewhere in the 12s.

Your thoughts?
the average car is probably running mid 12's some a lot faster, down to the 7's and some a lot slower (like mine, I'M FIXING IT! no more 14's, if i run that slow any more i'll fall asleep at the wheel)

mph i'd say would be around 110 maybe a bit lower.

why do you ask?
It would be pretty hard to get an exact number since there are a bunch of cars that haven't been to the track or have done alot of modifications since the track. I would have to say that somewhere in the 12's would be a realistic number since probably about 80% of the members here have an 11-13 second car and the few 7-9 second cars aren't gonna change the average by much. Luckily there aren't too many carb'd turbo guys on the site :D